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Press Release: August 16, 2010

On Friday night August 27th, a big night of boxing is planned at the beautiful Dover Downs in Dover, Delaware and the night will be a long time coming for one fighter in particular.

It was in 1997 a young Heavyweight named Amir Mansour turned pro with a first round knockout over Clifton Graham in Allentown, PA. Mansour showed tremendous speed to go along with power that catapulted him to nine straight wins with five of those victories coming by knockout.

In was that ninth fight where it became apparent that Mansour was not just a flash in the pan as he stopped thirty-four fight veteran Fabian Garcia in one round in Atlantic City.

That fight took place on June 1st, 2001.

Fast forward to the night of August 27, 2010. Instead of being a multi-time world champion, Mansour will carry that same record of 9-0 with five knockouts into his six round fight with Samuel Brown.

It has been more than nine years (111 months) since this upstart has set foot in a professional boxing ring.

Mansour was incarcerated for over eight years and is now looking capture the Heavyweight championship of the world.

“I have done a lot of thinking of the last eight years”, said Mansour

“When I was away I was locked with former pro fighter Calvin Davis and that kept me focused on boxing and this night has been a long time coming”

“What people don’t realize I don’t have any wear and tear on my body and I have not been taking any punches. When people see me, they will see how I kept in shape and they will be amazed at my speed.”

“I have had some of the best sparring possible as I have worked with IBF Cruiserweight champion Steve Cunningham and Chazz Witherspoon so I have worked with the best. Working with those guys, in a way kinda makes up for lost time. And when I spar against them it gives me a good idea where I am at and I feel I am not that far away.”

“August 27th has been a long time coming for me. There have been many nights where all I could do is stay up and visualize my next fight and for it to be just a week away really has my focus like I have never had it before.”

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