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Tucked away in a corner a few miles from Baltimore is Boxing Xtreme Fitness, a well equipped gym quite popular in the area especially since it partners with the University of Maryland and Annapolis boxing clubs to develop young amateur fighter in the DC metro area.

This December 2nd fight card featured some fast and furious amateur action that had the boisterous crowd cheering in delight to usher in the professional fighters  who meant business by their performances.

John Terry losses Decision?

The first fight for the professional segment featured a clash between John Terry (army fatigues) of Portsmouth Virginia against Rodney Green of Wilson NC in a six round middleweight bout.

I had just seen Terry score a win back in September at the famed Michaels Eight Avenue Ballroom boxing fight card in Glen Burnie, but today was not his night as Rodney Green began pressuring him from round two and gained some ring generalship that saw Terry against the ropes absorbing jabs to his body. Terry fought out of these traps and circled around much of the fight and missed some of his wilder shots leaving himself open for a counter that wobbled him in the fifth round. Both fighters effectively countered each others jabs and a desperate rally by Terry did not sway the judges who scored it for John Terry.

The crowd booed the decision and the ring announcer had to do a double take before announcing that a mix up and review of the score cards had shown that Rodney Green had won the fight.


Tyrell stops James Frank

The second fight featured a featerweight bout between James Frank and Tyrell Samuel of Baltimore Maryland who is incidentally trained by former IBF Light Middleweight Champion Vincent Petteway.

Round One: Tyrell lands the first shot by digging to the body,  and James Frank in the white trunks retaliated with his own body shot followed by another combination to the body. Tyrell tries to regain the initiative but gets repeatedly tagged hard to the body by a somewhat shaky James who wins the round by my score card.

Round Two: Tyrell uses his jab and vicious combinations to send James in retreat for the rest of the round not allowing him get his offensive game started, James begins to miss most of his shots, but tries to go to the body. Tyrell lands some heavy shots and a combination to win this round.

Round Three: Tyrell gained control of the fight in this round landing some ferocious hooks and body shots forcing James into a slugfest. James missed some of his shots but lands some strong hooks but absorbs even more stronger hooks from Tyrell who wins the round.

Final Round: Tyrell appears to be picking his shots and peppering James with jabs as he did so, James fights back and begins to throw some straight punches through Tyrells guard followed by a combinations to the body and suddenly he seemed to have Tyrell in trouble, his eyes where on fire looking for kill as he advanced, but Tyrell unleashed a big shot that wobbled him eliciting a roar from the crowd who sensed the end was near.

Tyrell suddenly had James against the ropes landing some heavy hooks and uppercuts as a valiant White tries to bob and weave these power shots, the referee nearly jumped in when the first Tyrell flurry bludgeoned James against the ropes, Tyrell landed another flurry and the referee jumped in and stopped the fight at 2.45 minute.

Shedrick Kayos Tony Jeter

The arena lighted up when hometown favorite middleweight Tony Jeter of Stevensville Maryland entered the ring to rousing applause against Philadelphia's James Shedrick.Jr.

Invigorated by the crowd Jeter lands the first shot to the body and launches a rally that sees James rallying against the ropes twice in as many minutes but Jeter appears a bit shaky on his feet. Jeter keeps up the pressure and chases James all over the ring trying to bludgeon him into submission, Jeter has James in trouble but James fights back using his jab to try and keep Jeter off of him ducking and weaving to lose that round according to my scorecard.

Round 2: Jeter in his haste to finish James off lands a low blow forcing a brief time out and James comes out and lands a crunching hook, but Jeter wins the round by landing several clean shots and several left hooks that he feints in catching James cold.

Round 3: James gets into the fight in this round and works off his jab to keep an increasingly careless and tired Jeter off balance down the stretch. Jeter misses most of his shots, but both fighters unleash some bombs that catch each other flush with a seemingly more focused James winning the round on my score card.

Final Round: Jeter goes back on the offensive digging to the body and landing to the head, James stands his ground and Jeter tries to regain the advantage when he walks into a wild counter that from my position at ringside seems to land at the back of his head and he is floored for the count amidst the stunned cries of his fans. The referee waves off the fight as a delighted James jumps around in victory and the officials storm the ring. Jeter is revived and eventually makes his way unassisted out the ring. The fight was waved off at the 1.21 minute.


King James Beats Eatmon

The main event of the evening featured the cagey King James McCallister trained by James Lewis Thompson aka Zeek against Mike Eatmon of Wilson North Carolina in a light Heavyweight bout.

Round 1: The fights starts off slowly with Eatmon landing the first shot. James lands some good hooks to the body and head and begins a flurry before getting caught by a clean counter. But James lands a big left to win the round.

Round Two: Eatmon calms down and begins to hand more effectively. James dances around him looking for opportunities occasionally leaping in with some hard body shots that seemed to tire Eatmon down and his furious assaults were evaded by James who slips them but is quite jumpy on his feet. I scored this round for Eatmon.

Round Three: King James storms out of his corner hooking and jabbing and all of a sudden Eatmon seem wobbled, James begins landing some digging shots and some combinations as Eatmon tries to time his assault, James lands a loud body shot that forces Eatmon to grapple and spin James into the ropes, but he is too tired to capitalize. King James wins this round big time.

Round Four: Both guys land some very heavy shots with James more on the offensive as Eatmon scores some counter shots. James begins to take control of the fight as he seems to be getting into his rhythm landing several combinations and clean shots to win the round.

Round 5: James picks up the action landing a combination of jabs and hooks that land flush but by mid round you could see a welt under his right eye which may have blurred his vision as Eatmon lands one of his best shots catching King James clean on his jaw sending sweat into the ringside seats. James fires back and sends Eatmon into the ropes. Both guys are trading shots when the bell ends the round and bump into each others heads as the go back to their respective corners.

Round 6: In his haste James forgot his mouthpiece, and Eatmon lands a right cross that catches James flush on his jaw. Eatmon begins to show some movement as he feints and lands some digging body shots and begins to back up King James, there was a clash of heads but Eatmon still goes on to land two clean right hands that hurts James who retailiates with some accurate crosses of his own but too late to lose the round on my score card.

Round7; James regains control of the fight and begins landing some heavy body shotws and his hand speed superiority over Eatmon becomes more apparent and launches a vicious attack to the the body, Eatmon begins to counter but walks into a shot to lose the round.

Final Round: This round was a tactical test of wills as both guys feinted to gain positioning until James lands some hooks to the head of Eatmon who slows down. James carries his right hand very low trying to time Eatmon on the inside. Both fighters land big to close out the bout.

The referees scored the fight 77-75,78-74 twice for the King by Unanimous Decision.



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BXF Live! returns on December 2nd, 2005 with an exciting Pro/Am card in it Friday night fight series from Boxing Xtreme Fitness.

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BXF has partnered with The University of Maryland boxing club ( to round out the amateur side of the card. BXF Live! will be donating all of the proceed from beverage consumption at the fights to the UM boxing. The University of Maryland amateur fighters will also be the focal point of the shows amateur card. Also featured will be amateurs from Boxing Xtreme Fitness and Annapolis Boxing Club.

The event will feature four to five professional bouts and four to five amateur bouts. Tickets priced at $25, $40, $75, and $100 are on sale now.

This impressive lineup features an 8 round Main Event headliner with James McCallister, Greenbelt, MD (10-5-1, 3 KOs) vs. Mike Eatmon, Wilson, NC (8-3, 4 KOs). The undercard will be rounded out with what promises to be three very exciting fights. Kent Island native and local favorite Tony Jeter (5-1, 5KOs) will face John Terry (2-1, 1KO) of Pourtsmouth, VA. This will be Terry's third fight at BXF, his first being an exhibition against James McCallister. The Virginia fighter has started developing a following of his own in the area and is looking forward to giving Jeter a run for his money. Baltimore's own undefeated new star Tyrell Samuels (3-0, 3KOs) will take on James Franks (1-0, 1KO) of NewPort News, VA. Franks made his professional debut in the last BXF Live! show and plans on knocking out Samuels. A six round fight between Philadelphia's James Shedricks (3-4, 1KO) and Rodney Green (2-3, 1KO) of Wilson, NC.

Fighters will weigh in on Thursday December 1st, 2005 at 5pm. The weigh in will be held at Boxing Xtreme Fitness at 5pm. All media is invited to attend.

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