Chief Scribe: Michael Amakor: Its often been said that you don't play boxing. Nothing could be further from the truth. Don't lace up the gloves and enter the squared circle unless you are ready to leave a piece of yourself in the ring. The ring is a merciless arena where champions separate themselves from contenders. Win lose or draw we boxing fans appreciate the spectacle afforded us by these gladiators. Enjoy,

Klitchko vs Williams

On November 11, Danny Williams challenges Vitali Dr “Iron Fist”Klitchko for his WBA Heavyweight Crown at the Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Former British Heavyweight and Commonwealth Heavyweight Champion Danny Williams was virtually unknown outside the

Moorer vs Jirov

On December 9, 2004, Vasilly "The Tiger" Jirov faces "Double M" Michael Moorer for the Vacant WBC Continental Americas and North American Heavyweight Titles at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida. The tiger from Kazakhstan is the former WBC Continental Americas Cruiserweight Champion and he first shot into prominence back in June 1999 when he scored a technical












Holy Froch!—Son of God Defangs the Cobra.

By George Hanson | Saturday, December 17, 2011

I sat ringside, next to stunning Canadian journalist Nancy Audet, elbows under my chin, eyes wide open as Andre Ward (24 wins – 0 losses – 0 draws – 13 kos), the WBA super-middleweight champion, methodically dissected WBC champion Carl “The Cobra” Froch (28 wins – 1 loss – 0 draws – 20 kos) over 36 minutes of fighting, removing all doubts trouncing the Englishman and adding his belt and the Super Six World Boxing Classic trophy to his collection. Round-after-round Ward was two steps ahead of Froch, who looked like a virtual amateur eating jabs, being side-stepped like an enraged bull, check-hooked as he slid past Ward unable to put the brakes on his awkward rushes. The Son of God seemed to reside inside Froch’s head, stealing his thoughts, knowing his every move like a diabolical pugilist who wanted everyone to accept that he was indeed on the upper echelon of the sweet science pyramid.

They didn’t listen to me after Froch was handed an early Christmas present via a majority decision over my countryman Glen “The Road Warrior” Johnson in the semi-finals of the tournament on June 4th. Allow me to quote myself:

“They might as well take the trophy to the engraver and have Andre Ward’s name etched into..continue

Martinez Euthanizes Williams

By George Hanson, Jr | November 20, 2010

Round 2 of the main event, time stopped. WBC middleweight champion Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez (45 wins – 2 losses – 2 draws – 24 kos) defending the title for the first time was circling to his right when I heard what sounded like the crack of a whip as three-time world champion Paul “The Punisher” Williams (39 wins – 1 loss – 0 draws – 27 kos) spun 45 degrees in slow motion and crashed face first on the canvas. Time stood still. The building fell silent and you could hear a mouse peeing on cotton, fans with mouths agape in disbelief wondering what just happened.

The monstrous hall sounded empty. Two seconds seemed like eternity. I looked at matchmaker Renee Aiken seated beside me who appeared stunned, as if she had just seen the ghost of Jack Johnson. Martinez’s promoter, Lou DiBella, seated ringside broke through the thickness of the eerie silence like a diver resurfacing by leaping into the air like he had just discovered that he held the winning ticket to Saturday’s Powerball drawing. The astonished audience burst like a rumbling volcano erupting, cheering wildly, quickly processing what had happened—Sergio Martinez had knocked out Paul Williams with one punch!

Paul “The Punisher” Williams was sleeping on the canvas, deposited there by a well-timed Martinez overhand left that came above his low southpaw right jab. Williams never saw the punch because he was attempting his own overhand left while watching the left-handed Martinez’s head which was going right, the continue

Jimmy Lange Does it Again


Displaying his trademark heart, guts and determination, Jimmy Lange scored a dramatic 10th round knockout of Joe Wyatt with 22 seconds remaining in the final round to capture the North American Boxing Association’s U.S. 154-pound title Saturday night at the Patriot Center in Fairfax Virginia.

There was plenty of action in the early rounds with each fighter gaining an upper hand at times, but with neither taking total control of the fight.  Lange struck two minutes into the fifth round when he knocked Wyatt down after connecting with a flurry of combinations.  

However Wyatt, who showed little ring rust despite fighting for the first time in more than three years, would recover to inflict his own damage causing a cut above Lange’s left eye.  Jimmy Glenn, Lange’s t...continue

Corrales Stops Castillo

By Michael Amakor

May 7, 2005 - In an early candidate for fight of the year, WBO Lightweight Champion Diego Corrales scored a technical kayo over two time champion Jose Luis Castillo in the 10th round seizing his WBC Lightweight belt to become the unified Champion of the Lightweight Division.

In front of a packed arena at the Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas, both guys went to action immediately, each refusing to back down as the tested their wills and skills escalating the fight into a slugfest of monumental proportions. What made the fight exciting was that both champions got stronger as the rounds ticked by even after absorbing tremendous punishment. The forced you to give up trying to score each round, and compelled you, to instead, focus on enjoying here spectacular display of Boxing skills.

Referee Tony Weeks, allowed the action to go on uninterrupted, as both fighters exchanged devastating left hooks, uppercuts, and body shots aiming to wear down his opponent. By the end of the sixth round Corrales left eye was almost swollen shut from the barrage of head shots, but he fought on courageously. Corrales tried to take advantage of his his one eyed opponent and walked  into a flurry of shots that wobbled him...continue


By Michael Amakor 

You may not have been a fan of the contrived and carefully edited boxing series “The Contender”, you may also not have been enthusiastic about the mix of 168 pound super middleweights fighters assembled in the third installment which in the end pitted the very experienced 28 year old Sakio Bika (24- 3-2, 14 ko’s); a former Olympian and two time title challenger, against the 23 year old Jaidon Codrington (18- 1, 14ko’s) in the finals for the Contender title. However, there was nothing contrived about the televised slugfest that finally took place at the TD Banknorth Garden, in Boston MA, USA on November 6th 2007. 

Maybe it was the three quarters of a million dollar prize for the winner, or the realization that this was their last shot at boxing immortality, but in the end it may have boiled down to two click here


By Michael Amakor - January 25, 2009

Despite, being the older 4 to1 underdog, replacing his dad as his trainer, finalizing his divorce from his wife just two weeks ago, and pending litigation that trailed his preparation for this fight, Shane Mosley now 46-5 (39 ko's) still comprehensively out-worked, brutalized and stopped the highly touted and over-hyped WBA (147lbs) Welterweight champion Antonio Margarito in the ninth round in front of 20,820 star dotted fans at the Staples Center in Los Angeles last night.

Except for the seventh round where Mosley seemed to be getting careless as a desperate Margarito seemed to surge, Mosley clearly swept all the other rounds with his quick and persistent jabs, and rapid fire one-two combinations to the body and head of Margarito completely dominating the fight with his aggressiveness and ring generalship.

As the rounds progressed he also began landing clean and withering overhand rights and straight punches through the guard of Margarito who was unable to close the distance against the deceptively stronger Mosley who gave him angles and muscled him against the ropes while popping his head with uppercuts and cracking his body with hooks that wore out Margarito against the ropes before more withering head shots forced a knockdown and a standing count which a badly damaged Margarito managed to beat and be saved ..continue


By Michael Amakor | Photos by Tom Casino/Showtime

Suitland MD, October 25, 2008 - I believe we are seeing the revival of boxing as several competitive and evenly matched fights have come to pass in rapid secession. Finally after several years in hiatus boxing seems to be crawling back into the mainstream when gauged against record pay per view numbers and a handful of well promoted fights recently, however we need to deal with the disturbing incidents of partisanship in the game today.

Sometimes, this partisanship, which I will define here as the outright, glaring, and palpable feeling of frenzied unfair support for a local fighter by fight officials, the sanctioning bodies and the unwitting but paticipating fans, is so irritating to watch you are left infuriated post fight after you witness it. Many new fans walk away with the perception that boxing matches are fixed by crooked sanctioning bodies and shady characters in smoky rooms mindlessly dedicated to protecting their fighters at all cost never really adopting the adage that no man is above the sport of....continue


By Michael Amakor |

In a fight that defied all analyst predictions Ronald “Winky” Wright decisively beat three division champion Felix “Tito” Trinidad for the WBC Middleweight title elimination spot in front of a sellout crowd of screaming boxing fans at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Tito paid for violating one of the unwritten code of boxing regarding come backs, the law states that you should get back into the rhythm of the game by first fighting a couple of respectable stiffs before stepping into the ring against the active lions of the division. Tito showed complete disdain for this rule and in his very first assignment after a two and half year hiatus away from the ring he made a comeback against the dangerous slugger and just recently dethroned WBC, WBA and IBF champion Ricardo Mayorga, Tito proved the law wrong that time by inflicting a savage beating on Mayorga proving to ..continue

The Hitman Shocks the World

By Michael Amakor | June 6 2005

WBU Light Welterweight Champion Ricky “The Hitman”Hatton yesterday beat long time defending champion Kostya “Thunder from Down Under” Tszyu to become the new IBF Light Welterweight Champion on Saturday night in front of a sellout crowd of 22,000 frenzied patriotic fans at the M.E.N. Arena, Manchester across the pond in England..

There is an unwritten rule in boxing about comebacks, boxers are usually advised to first take on a couple of tune-ups against journey men before fighting the lions of the division, Kostya ignored this rule and walked through Sharmba Mitchell in such dramatic fashion stopping him in the third round after a twenty two month injury induced layoff that we all forgot about the rule and hailed him as the next great boxing genius....continue

Durelle vs. Moore Maybe The Greatest Fight In History"


By Ted Sares | January 10, 2007 -


Sadly, I have just learned that former British empire boxing champion Yvon "The Fighting Fisherman" Durelle  has died at age 77. Family members said he suffered a stroke on Christmas day and also had Parkinson disease. He died in a hospital in Moncton on Saturday. His 1958 ebb and flow classic with Archie "Old Mongoose" Moore made him a Canadian legend and is one of the most memorable fights of all time.  

How would you like to watch an entire fight with the ebb and flow of the last round of Castillo-Corrales ? This one, one of the first fights broadcast coast-to-coast on American television, earned the 4-to-1 underdog, Yvon, cult status for his performance.  

In an ebb and flow classic that all hardcore boxing fans must see to believe, the rugged French Canadian decked the "Mongoose" an incredible three times in the shocking first round with savage shots and appeared to be on his way to a certain stoppage victory. But he missed an opportunity when, after the first knockdown, he stood over Archie inexplicably watching for several seconds before returning to his corner. As a result, the referee had to wait before beginning the count. Moore just made it to his feet at the count of nine and somehow managed to weather the storm and survive the round. Then, incredibly, he began to work his way.....continue