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Donnell Holmes would like the World to know the reason I haven't gotten my big fight, yet, is because all these Bums are running and continue to fight each other.

I did get the fight with Brian "The Bitch" Minto last Aug 09, but he was told to quit after the 4th round by Freddy Cock Roach. He was clearly cut by a left jab, and the video tape showed it. It was supposed to be overturned by the PA Boxing Commision. But, after he appealed and it went to court, he got the home cooking from the safety blanket, and I got the Shaft.

I recently saw on boxrec where I was listed to face Siarhei Liakhovich July 23, 2010. Noone has called me or anyone representing me about this fight. I want the World to see you are falsely using my name to advertise your fight. Why not call me and make the fight? I hope the World can see why I'm pissed, I can't get a break, but these cowards use my name to promote their fights against other fighters. So why not make it happen? Instead of falsely putting my name down, call me out. How can you use my name, I call you out for the fight, but you backout and fight someone else?

I see Tomasz Adamek is also looking at me for a July fight. Well, to the World again, "I want and will take the fight" but I bet it will not happen, because his people would rather have another fat blown up beer can like Arreola.

Fat Boy Arreola, if you want it before your record hits the 500 mark, you can get it too.

Kingpin where you at? You had your night of glory and had your vacation. Lets get it on. I will say this to Kevin Johnson, I don't think you are scared anymore and you'd probably take a meaningful fight before those other bums.

David Haye talked to me personally (when he first moved to Heavyweight) and these other coward heavyweights were talking trash about him but were scared to fight him. I agreed right away for a fight with him even before Monty Barret got the fight. But, I guess I didn't show fear, so he fought someone that was scared or doing what Barret did, just fought to get paid.

Again, I say to the World, "I am real but these cowards wont give me a shot." I guess I'm going to have to buy a big bus and ride to their house like Ali did Sonny Liston.

I wish the professional ranks were like the amateurs. At lease back then, you had to beat fighters and fight your way up the ratings. You couldnt dodge up and coming fighters and fight who you want.

Donnell Holmes has gloves, and will travel anywhere to fight any Contender.