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Can Mayweather withstand Pacquiao’s juggernaut?

By Mortz C. Ortigoza - June 22, 2010

The answer is yes.

Less superior fighter but with formidable turtle-shell defense Joshua Clottey not only stood in front of the powerful Manny Pacquiao in the entire 12 rounds, but reconfigured, through his heavy uppercuts and some hard hooks, the facial endowment of the Filipino pug to that of Max Alvarado (an ugly Filipino celluloid character) -- in spite of Manny’s winning the fight.

But unlike the bigger and slow-pacing Clottey, the huge Floyd Mayweather Jr. has the slick of the jaguar, and the sly of a fox to beat Manny. He could not only stand tit-for-tat with Pacquaio (if he would emulate Clottey), but he could tag him where Manny least expects it, or if Manny commits a fatal mistake like by taking a split-second pause, or turning his head to take a peek to sexy actress Krista Ranillo, er, wife Jinky.

One good example is Shane Mosley. Shane is the baddest ass in town in terms of throwing punches by bunches. His victims were Oscar de la Hoya (whom he twice defeated in a decision), and Antonio Margarito (whom he knocked-out after Margarito sent to dreamland the dangerous Miguel Cotto).

The bicycle-riding stick and run Mayweather surprises the world when he chose to stand toe-to-toe with the powerful Mosley and still winning a lopsided tactical match.

“Jezuzzz Christ, I thought this motor-mouth swashbuckling’ lil’ boy knows only how to run. He ain’t no runner at all!” exclaimed by a spectator after that match.

Although Mosley’s hand speed is less superior to that of Manny, Manny’s punching ability will be put into the test after Floyd’s deal him with those heat-seeking missiles cum accurate flushing punches and counter punches.

It slowed downed tremendously the busier Shane, could it slow down too the whirling dervish brown visayan-accented Filipino congressman?

What intrigue me incase this match happens? It will showcase how an offense-oriented warrior dealt with the defense-conscious opponent whose ring ability is meticulously plan brick-by-brick by a boxing think-tank composed of ex-convicts named papa Floyd Sr, and Uncle Roger -- who is going to serve another jail-time for a battery case against a woman boxer he choked just like what he did to Zab Judah .

As what Floyd Jr. foul-mouthed father said recently-- incase Manny fights his son:

"Let me tell you sumpthin’, maah son is the most accurate puncher in the sport of boxin’ today, if you go into the ring with maah son with no defense there is only goin’ to be one outcome”

Manny has no defense like Pernell Whitaker or Winky Wright, or Bernard Hopkins, or the U.S military. Manny’s defense is his go-go offense -- as what Adolf Hitler was to his rolling Panzers in Poland and Stalingrad .

If Manny has his blinding hand speed and power to extinguish his opponent, Floyd has his ring savvy to slow down whatever these hand speed and power bring to the table.

He treated us with these in his tussles with Judah (a southpaw with exceptional hand speed) and Diego Corrales (sheer natural knock-out artist just like Pacquiao, KostyaTszyu, and a 105 howitzer).

As a Filipino boxing spectator I root silently for Pacman to win in the name of sheer patriotism thus avoiding the scurrilous vilification and condemnation of the reasonable and unreasonable rambunctious Pacnuts all over the world.

This article is no sacrilege. This is only a presentation of a puzzle for Coach Freddie Roach to solve -- in a match, for me, that has more orgasmic quality than the entire 2010 FIFA World Cup.

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