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Trinidad vs Winky Fight Analysis The Furocious one Returns I

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Corrales Stops Castillo Least Among Equals UPCOMING BOUTS
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Calzaghe Invastion

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Tomasz "Goral" Adamek


WBC Light Heavyweight Champion

In a fight being hailed as an early candidate for fight of the year, Goral beat former OPBF Light Heavyweight and Australia Light Heavyweight Champion Paul "Hurricane" Briggs in a brawl of epic proportions on the under card of the Brewster vs Golota fight card for the belt vacated by Antonio Tarver who ditched it in-order to fight Glen Johnson.

The fight degenerated into a blood fest when an accidental head butt opened up the face of Paul Briggs who retaliated by punching Adamek's eye shut. The fight was a ding dong battle as both guys unloaded against each trying to knockout each other out, the were unfortunately unable to do so and the judges stepped in scoring it 114-114, 115-113 and 117-113 in favor of a the Goral.

Long Live the New Champ

Brewster Versus Golota Fight Analysis

By Michael Amakor

On May 21 2005, Andrew "The Foul Pole" Golota challenges Lamon "Relentless" Brewster for his WBO Heavyweight Title at the United Center in Chicago on HBO. 

Back on July 11 1996, a virtually unknown Andrew Golota was a punch away from scoring a career defining victory over former Undisputed Heavyweight and Ring magazine champion Riddick “Big Daddy” Bowe battering him against the ropes for several rounds. He was clearly winning the fight but got disqualified for repeatedly hitting below the belt. A rematch was rescheduled and he once again dominated the fight pummeling and flailing away at Bowe who fought back on instinct firing back with heavy shots of his own. Golota began to crack under the pressure and succumbed to throwing a series of low blows that earned him a second disqualification. Bowe got old during those fights and received such a beating that he retired from the game for eight years before making a comeback in 2004, but by then the Legend of the “Foul Pole” was born. 

Riding on the wave of this notoriety Golota squared off against Lennox Lewis for the WBC title; he was promptly knocked out in the very first round. Two  years later in his bid to capture the NABF Heavyweight title he knocked down Michael Grant twice and seemed to be on the verge of knocking him out for good but could not close the show fast enough before Grant rebounded back with some uppercuts that discombobulated Golota enough to tell the referee he did not want to continue after rising from a knockdown in the 10th.

And who can forget his disastrous outing against Iron Mike Tyson in 2000; when he again cracked under the pressure of receiving a barrage of punches, he quit the fight shoving his furious trainer out of the way and walked out of the arena under a blistering tirade of curses from enraged fans who pelted and showered a rain of drinks on him.  He banished himself from the sport of boxing for three years and it looked like he was finished and out of the game forever, but he made a comeback in 2003 and after just two successful outings against Brian Nix and Terrence Lewis he got unusually rehabilitated by legendary  promoter Don King right into a title shot against Chris Byrd for the IBF Heavyweight Belt.

The world of boxing waited in muted excitement expecting to see another explosion, but Golota was different and remarkably calm. This time he traded shots with Byrd down the stretch in a very competitive fight that many ringside experts thought should have earned him the crown. The judges saw it differently and  scored the bout a draw and Byrd got to keep his title.

His performance impressed Don King who maneuvered him into another title shot against John "The Quiet man" Ruiz the WBA champion. This fight was very competitive and Golota fought valiantly even scoring a knockdown, but he withered away in the championship rounds and Ruiz kept his title in a controversial decision that Golota cannot stop talking about to this day. Everyone thought he had gotten his very last shot at a title. His record now stands at thirty eight victories, five losses with one draw and Don King has  now positioned him to challenge Brewster for the WBO Heavyweight Belt. 

Now Brewster is a former WBO NABO and WBC Continental Americas Heavyweight Champion who was virtually unknown until he scored an upset against former china chinned champion Wladimir "Dr Steelhammer" Klitchko for the vacant WBO belt. He persevered against the intial onslaught of the towering Ukrainian and knocked him out in the fifth round scoring an upset that shocked the boxing world, since then he has defended his title once winning a unanimous decision over Kali Meehan in 2004. A  review of his resume shows victories over B class fighters like Tommy Martin and Nate Jones in his other title winning efforts, but you  wonder about his pedigree when you find out that he also lost to Charles Shufford and the glass jawed Clifford “Black Rhino” Etienne earlier on in his career. To his credit he has so far amassed a record of twenty seven knockouts, and before his split decision victory over Meehan he had knocked out six opponents in a row. On May 21 he will be looking to do the same against Golota to consolidate his position in the division; this fight will be a good test of his abilities at the world class level.

 This fight is a tough one to call, as both guys are fighting for their very survival. This is more especially true for The foul Pole who knows this will be his absolute last shot at a title, and if his last fights against Ruiz and Byrd are anything to go by he will come to fight and he may now have acquired the necessary skills, experience and self control to finally pull this one out of the bag, but Brewster will be most unwilling to give up his belt without a fight and he will train relentlessly to ensure that impossibility and he has vowed that "This is an opportunity for me to prove that I am the truth because the truth will set me free”. We shall see and may the best man win

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By Michael Amakor

In a fight that defied all analyst predictions Ronald “Winky” Wright decisively beat three division champion Felix “Tito” Trinidad for the WBC Middleweight title elimination spot in front of a sellout crowd of screaming boxing fans at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. 

Tito paid for violating one of the unwritten code of boxing regarding come backs, the law states that you should get back into the rhythm of the game by first fighting a couple of respectable stiffs before stepping into the ring against the active lions of the division. Tito showed complete disdain for this rule and in his very first assignment after a two and half year hiatus away from the ring he made a comeback against the dangerous slugger and just recently dethroned WBC, WBA and IBF champion Ricardo Mayorga, Tito proved the law wrong that time by inflicting a savage beating on Mayorga proving to himself that he was ready and he threw caution to the winds into accepting the dangerous Middleweight eliminator assignment against reigning unified WBA and WBC Light Middleweight Champion Winky Wright. 

Either due to his one dimensional forward fighting style or Wrights southpaw stance, Trinidad was simply unable to get past Winky accurate jab, or his ear tight ear muff defense. When Tito managed to get on the inside, he was unable to connect with his vaunted left hook or with any of the wild power shots we have come to expect from him. The world of boxing waited in vain see him put together a combination of shots to end the fight as dramatically as the Corrales versus Castillo fight of about a week ago, but it never came. 

Winky on the other hand followed his game plan and landed 262 punches, connecting virtually at will with his jab snapping back Tito head and drawing blood from his nose as early as the second round. He dominated every single round showing true ring generalship with an impenetrable defense that had Tito landing only 58 punches throughout the fight. The three judges concurred with his performance and awarded final scores of 120-107, 119-108 and 119-108 all in favor of Winky Wright. With this performance you have to wonder about Trinidad’s future because he did worse than Sugar Shane against Winky, for now the coast looks temporarily bleak as he considers his possibilities.

On the other hand, Winky has now gone undefeated in ten straight fights and he has finally earned our respect and will never be underestimated ever again. But he still has his work cut out for him as he is now the mandatory and universally recognized challenger to the winner of the Bernard Hopkins versus Jermain Taylor unified Middleweight Title clash - True greatness lies in destroying that winner.

Stay Tuned.

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ZZab Zaps Cosme Rivera

By Jim Amato 

Zab Judah may have been looking ahead to a possible match with Oscar De La Hoya in September but he sure took care of business last night. In one of his best career performances Zab destroyed Cosme Rivera in the third round.

Although Rivera came in with a high ranking, it was not the consensus that he would dethrone Zab. It was the way Judah won that was impressive. Zab had Cosme down twice in the first and when he dropped Cosme again in third, referee Joe Cortez had seen enough. The time was 2:11.


  Valuez Destroys Etienne

By Michael Amakor

Away from the spotlight in far away Germany, 

"The Beast from the East" 

Nicolay Valuev

Defended his WBA Intercontinental Heavyweight crown against former NABF Heavyweight Champion Clifford "The Black Rhino" Etienne by knocking him out in the third round.

The beast from the East is a grizzly haired seven foot giant who has already knocked out  Attila Levin, and Gerald Nobles. He is now scheduled to fight former WBO Heavyweight Champion "Henry Akinwande in July. If he gets through that fight it would be great to see a battle between giants against any of the Klitchko brothers in a bout labeled

"The Russians to invade the Ukraine"

Watch Out


Byrd To Defend I.B.F Title ; Lyakhovich Will Challenge

By Jim Amato 

I.B.F. heavyweight champion Chris Byrd will put his portion of the title on the line against once beaten Serguei Lyakhovich. The bout will be on the July 23rd Madison Square Garden card also featuring a W.B.C heavyweight eliminator between former champion Hassim Rahman and the talented Monte Barrett.

There was speculation that Byrd was going to face James Toney after James was judged the winner over W.B.A. titleholder John Ruiz. Now in light of charges that Toney had illegal drugs in his system the W.B.A. has ruled the bout as a No Contest. In all likelihood the title will revert back to Ruiz and Toney will draw a stiff suspension. With Byrd now tied up Ruiz may face the winner of the upcoming W.B.O. title clash between Lamon Brewster and challenger Andrew Golota.

Another option may be for Ruiz to meet the winner of Byrd and Lyakhovich. Also undefeated Calvin Brock, fresh off his win over Jameel McCline has to be considered a viable contender.

As far as Lyakhovich challenging Byrd...Serguei is 22-1 with 14 knockouts. He's a big strong guy that can take a good shot. He was hit hard on more then one occasion in his victory over Dominick Guinn and stood up well. Guinn's got some power. Ask Michael Grant who was creamed by Dominick. Serguei also packs a pretty good wallop as he hurt Guinn several times during their bruising battle.

I recently talked with re-known trainer Kenny Weldon who is associated with Lyakhovich. Ken is real high on this kid. That tells me a lot.

Byrd is a hard guy to fight with that style of his and he's tough too. He stands up under punishment a lot better then he is given credit for. To beat Byrd you have to pressure him. You have to walk him down, cut off the ring and force him in to exchanges. You can not let him dance and pick his spots. If you do he'll make a fool out of you.

I'm sure Lyakhovich will come in with a plan of attack designed to take Byrd out of his game plan. If Serguei can enforce his will on Chris, this could be a very interesting fight.  


By Michael Amakor

On May 14, NABC Middleweight champion Felix "Tito" Trinidad challenges Ronald “Winky” Wright at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Nevada for Winky's  WBC and WBA Light Middleweight Titles.


Tito is a boxing legend who seized the IBF Welterweight title back in 1993 by  stopping Maurice Blocker in just two rounds, He defended that belt thirteen times before annexing the WBC title from Oscar De la Hoya. He stepped up in weight after that victory and seized the WBA Light Middleweight title from defending champion David Reid, and once again annexed the IBF version from another defending champion "Ferocious" Fernando Vargas.  And in a move that had the boxing world whopping in absolute delight he again stepped up in weight and destroyed William Joppy in four furious rounds for the WBA Middleweight title.


Unfortunately his undefeated run was cut short when he suffered an eleventh round technical knockout stoppage at the hands of ring legend and long time defending champion Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins in the final Middleweight Unification bout in 2002. He fought one more after that loss stopping Hassine Cheriffe in four rounds before retiring from boxing in disgust, over his in-ability to get a rematch with the Executioner or any of the other pugilists out there, who may have been ducking him. By then he had amassed a record of fourty one wins including thirty five knockouts with only one defeat.


He bid his time quietly for two and a half years before deciding on making a bold and courageous comeback against the loud mouthed, trash talking former WBA and WBC Welterweight Champion Ricardo “El Matador” Mayorga in his very first fight from retirement,


Fighters on the comeback trail usually take a couple of tune up fights before stepping into the ring against the lions of the division. Taking that fight was a blatant display of arrogance and a gross disregard for the silent unwritten rules of the sweat science. Trinidad thought differently about those rules and inflicted a most savage beating on El Matador stopping him in the eight round of a scheduled twelve round fight. He annexed the NABC Middleweight Title in the process signaling to the world that he was back and on the war path. His immediate focus was to obtain a rematch against old nemesis Bernard Hopkins to settle the score, but before that he needed a respectable win to gain some credibility and to prepare him for that daunting task.


Now his scheduled opponent Winky Wright is a solid Light Middleweight Champion, who has stayed active in the game battling in near obscurity before gaining some publicity by twice holding back the challenge to his supremacy of the light middleweight division by decisioning Sugar Shane Mosley for twenty four furious rounds. He also has a respectable resume which has included annexing the NABF, WBO, USBA, IBF, WBC and WBA titles along the way. The three losses on his record were against ring savvy veterans: Julio Cesar Vasquez, Harry Simon and Fernando Vargas whom he each battled for twelve rounds losing controversial decisions. He is no joke and while he does not possess knockout power he squares up right in front of you taking all you can give as he pressures you into eventual submission. He has remained a recognized belt holder champ since 2000 pilling an impressive list of defenses against Bronco Mckart, Keith Mullings, Robert Frazier and Juan Carlos Candelo.


Analyzing this fight will be extremely difficult as the share no common opponent in distant memory. You may be inclined to give Winky the edge due to his longevity and tenure in the Light Middleweight Division, but then you cannot discount Tito’s confidence, his two fisted power punching ability or the ferocity he displayed against Mayorga, and when you take into account that he has rested and healed his body while Wright absorbed bone wearying  punishment in numerous twelve round decisions you may go for Tito instead.


Expect fireworks as no man will back down, each man is fighting for greatness and boxing immortality; Winky craves the adolation and super star status that he feels has eluded him for so long while an incensed Trinidad is on a mission to reclaim his former titles, the honor and the glory that once belonged to him and now scattered amongst a gang rogue usurpers.


May the best man Win


See Trinidad vs Mayorga Analysis                                            Tale of the Tape




Issued on May 11, 2005

James Toney has fought many fights in his career, but the one apparently facing him now is one that disturbs and revolts him like no other opponent could ever do. "Being accused of taking performance enchancing substances is an insult to me. I don't do drugs period," Toney stated. "I've never used any illegal substances to prepare myself for a fight." Toney's body doesn't reflect a fighter taking mass muscle substances, nor would anyone in their right mind be taking any banned substances, while knowingly and willingly giving urine samples. Toney's weight loss was substantial from the day the fight was announced to the event, totally inconsistent with the signs of an athlete using substances to add muscle mass. "Toney received medical treatment for recovery from his biceps and triceps surgery last year. His doctor has stated that the combination of medications used to control the inflammation and tissue growth caused the positive test result," stated Dan Goossen, Toney's promoter. "This is further supported, since the body, in combination with the medications, naturally create the form of substance ("Nandrolone") reflected in the test results." Goossen further stated, "It would be unjust for the sport to reprimand a fighter who was under a doctor's care and direction many months before in healing a career threatening injury."





By Jim Amato

This to me is utterly unbelievable. James Toney who gave the limited John Ruiz a boxing lesson and lifted the W.B.A. title off of Ruiz has already lost a title he never really won. There is a strong indication that James Toney used an illegal performance enhancer. With this being the case the W.B.A ruled the bout a no contest.

What that means folks is that the whipping Toney gave Ruiz NEVER happened. That's BULLS---, but that's the rules. Rules are rules and if Toney can not beat these charges then in all fairness the title should go back Ruiz.

This to me is utterly unbelievable. James Toney who gave the limited John Ruiz a boxing lesson and lifted the W.B.A. title off of Ruiz has already lost a title he never really won. There is a strong indication that James Toney used an illegal performance enhancer. With this being the case the W.B.A ruled the bout a no contest.

What that means folks is that the whipping Toney gave Ruiz NEVER happened. That's BULLS---, but that's the rules. Rules are rules and if Toney can not beat these charges then in all fairness the title should go back Ruiz.


Ruiz To Return...What's Next ?

By Jim Amato 

After James Toney defeated John Ruiz the dethroned Ruiz announced his retirement from boxing. My feelings were that is was a good time for John. He was the classic overachiever and it's a good guess that he has a pretty size able bank account. Why continue ?

Well evidently John had a change of heart and he has now un-retired. I can not say that I am surprised. His decision was hasty and it was made after losing his title. It was basically his frustration that led him to make a rash decision.

The question now is, where does John go from here ? I don't think the public will buy Toney-Ruiz II. My guess is he'll be matched with the winner of the W.B.O title bout between Lamon Brewster and Andrew Golota. Ruiz has some past history with Golota. If Brewster beats Golota to retain his title then that will add to his credibility. So would a victory over Ruiz.

What I would like to see is John take on David Tua. That one round blowout loss to Tua has been a thorn in John's side for years. Tua is on the comeback trail now and his reviews have not been pretty. Now would be a good time to tackle Tua and try to erase the stigma of that horrid setback. If Tua wins, that would be a huge boost to David's comeback hopes.

If not Ruiz-Tua II how about Ruiz-Tyson ? I always felt that Ruiz was made for Tyson. The last thing you lose is your punch. His legs and his reflexes have slowed but he still packs a wallop. He won't have to chase John because Ruiz would be right there in front of him. If Tyson gets by Kevin McBride, I think Tyson-Ruiz would actually sell some tickets. Could be interesting but I doubt if we'll ever see it.


Why Boxing Will Never Die

By Frank Maloney  

In England a couple of weekends ago we had two fight cards which I believe will serve to demonstrate why the sport of boxing will never go away despite any rough spots we are currently experiencing.

On that weekend in London, there were two British Southern Area title fights on separate shows. The first was televised on Sky Sports and was full of promising young fighters. There weren't any real headliners on the show, only the son of former world middleweight champion Alan Minter. Young Ross Minter stepped up and topped a bill for his first time in his career, challenging Chas Symonds, who held the Southern Area Welterweight belt. What a fight it turned out to be with the kind of fantastic atmosphere one doesn't find all too often these days. For me, it was a reminder of what we used to see at Shoreditch Town Hall, which is no longer standing, sadly.  

Back to the fight, the venue was standing room only and the fans were on their feet from the first contest to the last, an electrifying experience. If Americans had the opportunity to have seen this fight, they would have been reminded of the legendary Blue Horizon in Philadelphia.

The fight itself was a very emotional one with Alan Minter sitting ringside to see his son contend for his first professional title and Ross didn't disappoint, pulling off a truly mature performance.

The contest had some personal significance for me, as I'm actually the co-manager of Ross Minter and I was in his corner while my brother Eugene Maloney was in the opposite corner with his fighter Chas Symonds.  

The reigning champion made a flashy showman's entrance into the arena but Symonds looked to me to be focused more on delivering entertainment with his ring walk than he did on getting down to business of boxing. At the end of the day, we all know that both audiences in attendance and television viewers like to be entertained with such but to pull it off, you must also be able to fight.  

We kept Ross cool and calm, with his back turned to the antics of Chas Symond's ring entrance. When the bell rang, however, Minter's class came through. Symonds made him look like Sugar Ray Leonard, as Ross could do no wrong.  

I know Chas Symonds because he works out of the Maloney Fight Factory and I do believe that he's a much better fighter than his performance showed. I think that he got caught up in his own publicity and made the mistake of believing that he only had to turn up at the venue in order to win the fight.  

But, we will see what sort of fighter he is because all good fighters come back from a loss. I'm hoping that my brother and the Symonds Team can come back because boxing needs characters like Chas.  

Ross Minter is still a long way off from what his father achieved but he's certainly improved and is learning as a professional. Don't be surprised if his promoter Sports Network announces that Ross' night fight will be another step up and maybe even for another title.  

The second good card that weekend in London took place on a Saturday night and it was another British Southern Area title fight. This time the action took place on the East Side of the city and it was between Peter McDonaugh and Rob Jefferies. Rob, who is in my brother's stable, was the challenger and stepping up to championship level after only nine bouts.  

Once again the fight was first class and fought with a great competitive spirit with both men wanting to win very badly. Thankfully, Jefferies put on a great performance and won the bout convincingly on the referee's card. Some ringside viewers disagreed with the decision but I must go along with the referee. I had Jefferies two rounds ahead as he was the aggressor and took the fight to McDonaugh at all times. McDonaugh had tried to box off the back foot and was flicking left jabs, which missed more than they scored. Jefferies worked well to the body before switching his attack to the head.  

Rob went ten rounds for the first time and proved he had what it took to take a title away from a determined foe. From here he'll l go on to bigger things and I know that he has his eye on my English champion, Danny Hunt.  

I'm still trying to work out if my brother has ever scored a win over me. Well, he did handle Matthew Barney when the Plymouth man took my fighter Tony Oakey's WBU Light Heavyweight title away.I have to say that was one of the worst fights ever staged in a British ring and honestly, I would love to forget all about it. Incidentally, Barney isn't with Eugene anymore because he didn't like some of the realities of what my brother had to say to him after that fight and they parted company.  

Something else the weekend in question shows is the crazy world of boxing. Early that Friday night Eugene was on a high with a champion in Chas Symonds but by midnight he was depressed as Minter took that title away. On Saturday night Eugene was back on a high because Rob Jefferies had won a Southern Area title at a different weight. This sort of up and down roller coaster can only happen in professional boxing.  

For all of these reasons that I've outlined, the people who say that this sport is in trouble should get off of their armchairs and go see these small hall shows that often don't make television because every fight is like an English Cup final.  

This is why I believe that boxing will never die. It's because there are young fighters who believe that they will get to the top and give their all on these types of shows.  

This weekend I went across the Atlantic and America to Las Vegas to see what turned out to be perhaps one of the greatest fights ever, Diego Corrales against Jose Luis Castillo. Soon, I'll give the view of an English fight fan in the boxing capital of the world, Las Vegas, as I went there purely as a spectator, not working as I did many times when managing Lennox Lewis.

Speaking of America, it seemed that the last big fight weekend there turned out to be disappointing, with the Toney - Ruiz fiasco in Madison Square Garden. Once again the heavyweight division is in turmoil with no one knowing just who is the real successor to Lennox Lewis. and the belts continue to be divided. This is not good for boxing, as it is always better to have a single dominant heavyweight champion.  

Concerning James Toney, I remember being ringside in Rio de Janeiro one night when Montell Griffin beat him. I scratch my head now wondering how the same man can now win a heavyweight title. If Vitali Klitschko gets the chance to meet Toney in the ring, I believe he would be too big and too strong for the man who first won a world title at middleweight.

Corrales Stops Castillo

By Michael Amakor

In an early candidate for fight of the year, WBO Lightweight Champion Diego Corrales scored a technical kayo over two time champion Jose Luis Castillo in the 10th round seizing his WBC Lightweight belt to become the unified Champion of the Lightweight Division.

In front of a packed arena at the Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas, both guys went to action immediately, each refusing to back down as the tested their wills and skills escalating the fight into a slugfest of monumental proportions. What made the fight exciting was that both champions got stronger as the rounds ticked by even after absorbing tremendous punishment. The forced you to give up trying to score each round, and compelled you, to instead, focus on enjoying their spectacular display of Boxing skills.

Referee Tony Weeks, allowed the action to go on uninterrupted, as both fighters exchanged devastating left hooks, uppercuts, and body shots aiming to wear down his opponent. By the end of the sixth round Corrales left eye was almost swollen shut from the barrage of head shots, but he fought on  courageously. Corrales tried to take advantage of his his one eyed opponent and walked  into a flurry of shots that wobbled him at the end of the seventh round.

A mouth piece was sent flying from Corrales mouth in the eight round as the ding dong battle continued unabated. The fight got unbelievably intense as both fighters became extremely heavy handed digging into each other in a war of attrition that accelerated to flurries near the end of each round.

All of a sudden the slugfest came to a head in the tenth round as Castillo,  exploded with a left hook that landed right on the kisser, sending both Corrales and his mouth piece landing to the canvas. Corrales beat the count but walked into a flurry of punches that put him on the seat of his pants once again along with his mouth piece. Tony Weeks immediatly called a time out and deducted a point from Castillo for not keeping in his mouthpiece, and you could hear Corrales trainer Goosen tell him he now needed a knockout as he replaced the mouthpiece.

The knockdowns and point deduction must have impressed on Corrales the possibility that he could lose the fight, and he resorted to desperate measures. He unleashed a flurry of punches that suddenly had Castillo dazed, out on his feet and in a world of hurt unable to collect his scattered wits as Corrales positioned him against the ropes to begin the final flurry that would finish him off. By this time Tony Weeks; a veteran of several championship fights had seen enough and stopped the fight in the 2.06 minute of the tenth round.

There will always be some controversy about the stoppage which may have been premature,  although after examining the tape you may agree with Weeks judgement call. However, it is now a mute point as both guys will have the chance to correct first impressions because the world of boxing has already starting beating the drums for Corrales Castillo II.

Long Live the Lightweights


Calzaghe Marches Towards Unification

By Robin York

After an impressive 6th stoppage of old foe Mario Veit on away turf, Joe Calzaghe has moved one step closer to a unification showdown with IBF champion Jeff ‘Left Hook’ Lacy. All that remains now is for Lacy to defeat Britain’s Robin Reid in St Petersburg Florida on August 6th and the fight with the Welshman will be a done deal. But that defense against Reid could prove to be a lot harder than Lacy imagines.  

Calzaghe knows first hand how good a fighter Reid is, when he was pushed all the way by the former WBC champion back in 1999. The Welshman retained his WBO title by a split decision. Lacy, despite having made 2 defenses of his title is relatively inexperienced in comparison to Reid. The American has a perfect record of 19 wins and is a big puncher with 15 KO’s. Reid has had 43 fights, 38 wins 4 losses and 1 draw. If you include the WBF, IBO and WBU world titles then Reid has been involved in, it's 15 world title bouts all told.  

He has fought away from home and won before; most notably when dethroning WBC champion Vincenzo Nardiello in Italy back in 1996. He also went to Brian Magee’s backyard in Belfast and floored him 4 times on way to a unanimous points win so travelling to the US, where Reid has fought once already very early in his career, is unlikely to bother him.  

Other key things to point out about the Brit is that many people felt he was robbed when he traveled to Germany to take on the then WBA/IBF champion Sven Ottke. Its always difficult to win on the road but Reid had it particularly difficult courtesy of possibly the worst referring ever seen. Ottke spent the first half of the fight looking at referee Roger Tilleman every time the challenger attacked in close and Reid was constantly warned for rule breaking despite to have done seemingly nothing wrong.  

At one point Reid was even warned for punching the champion! Also Reid, it must be said, has a granite chin and has never tasted the canvas. But Reid has fallen short in some of the most important fights in his career. He lost his WBC title when he was out-boxed in a negative showing against the South African Sugarboy Malinga and the same scenario happened when he challenged Silvio Branco for the WBU strap. He cannot afford to fight like that against Lacy but despite Lacy being a big puncher, it's arguable that his bombs will have little effect on the challenger.  

Lacy, the younger man at 28, will have to swarm all over Reid and try to beat him the way he out-pointed Omar Sheika in December last year, but he will likely find a much tougher fight on his hands against Reid. The IBF champion has looked ordinary during his career, especially against Donnell Wiggins before knocking him out in the 8th round in Manchester. But the general feeling is that Lacy is the hungrier fighter and one who is improving with every outing whereas Reid’s best performances seem to be behind him.  

It’s a fascinating bout, but one that may have the British fight fans split on what outcome they would prefer. Many would want Reid to pull off the upset but then that destroys the appeal of a Lacy-Calzaghe showdown. A Calzaghe - Reid rematch may not have the same appeal as the latter contest and would not be considered a defining fight for the Welshman. We will have to wait patiently over the summer to see how the event will unfold but for now Joe can relax knowing his part in making the fight happen was accomplished successfully.


Calzaghe Stops Veit in Six

By Jim Amato

 Undefeated W.B.O. Super Middleweight champion Joe Calzaghe raised his impressive record to 39-0 by halting Mario Veit at 2:18 of the sixth round. It was Calzaghe's 31st KO won.

Talk is that Jeff Lacy is up next. If not Jeff then possibly the winner of Glen Johnson-Antonio Tarver II.

 At one time there was serious talk of Calzaghe moving up to 175 and challenging the then "King Of The Hill", Roy Jones Jr. That fight never materialized. I hear it's a struggle for Joe to make 168 but he might be willing to sacrifice one more time for a nice payday against Lacy. I feel this would be a mistake. Jeff is too strong and he hits too hard for Joe. Calzaghe would steal some rounds on hustle but in the end I think he would be overwhelmed by Lacy.

 If Joe bypasses Lacy and calls out the winner of Johnson-Tarver, I see him having more success against Johnson. Tarver would be too big and strong plus Tarver seems to pack a better wallop then Glen. Against Johnson he would be in with a strong, rugged and determined individual who could match Joe's work rate.

Calzaghe's a good fighter. You don't get to 39-0 without some serious talent. Still Joe is on the downside of a fine career. He deserves a nice, big payday. He can get that against Lacy, Tarver or Glen Johnson. I just don't think he'll win


The Calzaghe Ultimatum    

 By Michael Amakor

 Showing that his first victory over Mario Veit was no fluke, Walshman Joe Calzaghe stopped Mario Veit in the sixth round, right in Germany; lesser mortals would have thought twice about fighting there, for fear of getting robbed of a decision. Roy Jones Jr may have had that fear as he refused to go to Germany to fight Darius Michalzewski. This daring is a great example of Calzaghe's courage.

 Calzaghe has now amassed an undefeated record of thirty nine straight victories including thirteen defenses of his WBO Supper Middleweight Crown. He has been ranked number one in the world in that division for a few years now especially since he has blasted through former champs Chris Eubank, Charles Brewer and Byron Mitchell to name a few; an impressive record no doubt.

While his record is great it is time for him to stop amassing meaningless defenses that do little for his credibility among boxing fans. Former champs Virgil Hill and Michalzewski treaded down that path and were maligned and tossed into the dustbin after their inglorious reigns came to an even more inglorious end.

In order to seal his legacy and attain boxing immortality, he should be compelled to initiate a campaign to unify all the belts. This is even more urgent now that a full blown mutiny has gathered support personified by IBF Super Middleweight Champion Jeff “Left Hook” Lacy. 

Left Hook has a mandatory fight against an unheard of opponent and hopefully after he gets through that fight, Calzaghe will have no more excuses and will be forced to decide about the gauntlet already laid down by Jeff Lacy. We will really know his championship heart then, and his promoter Frank Warren knows that too as he is claims the fight is a done deal.

Watch Out

Calzaghe Launches One Man British Invasion

By Curtis McCormick

 In what may be the most dangerous chapter of his eleven year career, WBO Super Middleweight Champion Joe Calzaghe travels to Germany in order to defend his title this Saturday against mandatory challenger Mario Veit in Braunschweig. It's only the second time that Calzaghe has ever fought away from Britain and the "Pride of Wales" must contend with a tradition of dubious decisions as well as a motivated opponent bent on revenge.

Despite the fact that he's already met and disposed of this weekend's adversary a full four years ago, the longtime WBO Champion isn't taking this continental excursion lightly. "Obviously my going to Germany takes away the comfort factor for me," said Calzaghe. "Knowing how the judges can be there, I have to make sure that I win decisively. It could be tough but I'm really looking forward to it. I don't think I'll be as lucky again to knock Veit out as early as I did the first time we fought but I do think that I'll have the chance to knock him out all the same."

On April 28th 2001, Calzaghe and Veit met for the first time and the result was nothing less than spectacular. At Cardiff International Arena, the reigning champion crushed his German foe halfway into the first round and although Veit came into the contest with a spotless record of thirty wins and no losses, the man from Cottbus proved completely unable to take the fast handed southpaw's power.

Much is riding on the outcome of this spring tour of Braunschweig, as the lucrative unification matches that Calzaghe has long sought appear to be finally on the horizon. There's no shortage of possibilities for the undefeated southpaw, who has his sights pinned on three very specific scenarios. "Jeff Lacy says he fancies a fight with me and since he holds the IBF belt that would be the type of unification fight that I want," explained Calzaghe. "But I'd prefer to fight Glen Johnson or Antonio Tarver ahead of Lacy. I'd also like to fight for a title at light heavy to fulfill my goal of becoming a two-weight world champion. Even though Johnson and Tarver don't hold titles right now, I think that I'd get a lot more recognition from beating one of them, for instance, than beating Clinton Woods who holds the IBF belt at light heavy."

As much as those prospective pairings could result in the career defining victories Joe Calzaghe has long sought, that future as well as a seven year title reign will all come crashing down if he doesn't take care of business on Saturday night. "I think going to Germany will give me a bit more incentive, a bit more fire in me to put on the kind of performance that I have to," stated Calzaghe. "Because obviously my last fight was one of my worst performances and at the end of the day, I can't afford to fight like that again. If I do, then I expect to get beaten. I know that I have to be on the ball on the night and make sure I perform like I can."


Lightweight Bragging Rights: A Smashing Worldwide British Pay Per View!

 In a groundbreaking move Maloney Promotions announces for the first time ever, a British and Commonwealth double championship title clash will be televised during prime time hours in the UK and Ireland through Setanta Sports and webcasted live across the world on a pay per view basis through www.fightnight.com on participating websites.

The hotly anticipated lightweight unification matchup between British Champion Graham Earl and Commonwealth King Kevin "Bulldog" Bennett will take place on Thursday, May 12th in England's capital city of London. In all, seven bouts are on the bill and all will be shown in their entirety live on both the televised broadcast and the webcast during the action packed three-hour event.

Due to the unprecedented viewing opportunity afforded by the combination of television and global webcast, more fans than ever will watch a British or Commonwealth Championship fight as it occurs. The fight card, which takes places at the famed Elephant & Castle venue located on the mean streets of South London, boasts the pro debut of the sensational lightweight Craig Watson, who in his last amateur bout dropped Olympic Silver Medallist Amir Khan to the canvas, a British Masters Welterweight title bout between Nathan Ward and James Paisley, lightweight hot prospects Rob Jeffries and Dean Phillips along with undefeated up and comers Gary Walker and Junior MacDonald.

The highly competitive pairing of Earl and Bennett has captured the imagination of the public more than any other contest to take place on British soil so far this year and is the perfect segue leading into the mouth watering weekend of June 3rd - 4th which sees Ricky Hatton in the fight of his life versus the dangerous Kostya Tszyu and Scott Harrison square off against Michael Brodie in the biggest all British featherweight bout in years.

Frank Maloney staged the last webcast venture in Britain five years ago in conjunction with fightnight.com and drew 650,000 viewers. This time Maloney Promotions is counting on an improvement upon those numbers given the existence of over 150 million broadband users worldwide, of which 6 million of those consumers reside in Britain, a figure which is growing by 35,000 a week.

Televised coverage of Lightweight Bragging Rights is available in Britain and Ireland through Setanta pay per view on the Sky platform for 8 pounds 99 sterling. Log onto to www.setanta.com to learn more.

Webcasting will be provided through www.fightnight.com and can be seen on participating websites throughout the world for 4 pounds 99 sterling, roughly the equivalent of $9.99 in US dollars. Contact your favorite boxing website to learn more.

Maloney promotions will be planning additional pay per view events in the future in conjunction with partners Setanta and www.fightnight.com, the scope of which will be determined by the success of this initial venture.





By Michael Amakor

Becoming the third  man to step up from the Middleweight Division and the seventh man  to win a recognized title in four Weight divisions,  Lights Out Toney beat John "the Quietman" Ruiz by unanimous decision with scores of 116-111 twice and 115-111 according to the three  judges at ringside.

The fight was memorable for a few things, there were very few clinches by John Ruiz who dispensed with his characteristic wrestling style opting, instead, for a more crowd pleasing style as he threw a record number of punches which failed to connect against the mangoose posturing body of James Toney. He may also have been discouraged from forcing clinches due to James Toney reputation as an excellent inside fighter.

Ruiz seemed to be formidable in the first few rounds as he delivered some hard body shots against James rib cage, but Toney eventually wore him down with body shots and clean counter punches leaving the former champion exhausted in the final rounds. James scored a knockdown in the seventh round and had John hurtling into the ropes from a slippery canvas latter on in the eight round.

A distraught Ruiz who is the only Heavyweight Champion to have twice lost a belt to a blown up middleweights announced his retirement from the locker room after the fight, and even though the boxing world wanted him out you you still had to acknowledge that he did what he could but was simply outclassed by a superior boxer.

Repeatedly punctuated by remarks "I told you so" Lights Out Toney continued his well deserved trash talking claiming Ruiz was stupid and he did not know what trash can Don King found him from and he immediatly began issuing threats to the other Heavyweight Champions; Vitali Klitchko, Chris Byrd and Lamont Brewster in that order vowing to clean out the division and become the next  undisputed Heavyweight Champion.

Let the Games Begin


Silent March to the Throne

By Michael Amakor

Away from the spotlight on the Toney Ruiz under card,  DaVarryl "Touch of Sleep" Williamson knocked out Derrick Jefferson in the second round to become the new WBO NABO and  WBC Continental Americas Heavyweight Champion.

This win elevates his stature, and he is now the 16th overall ranked Heavyweight Contender in the world according to Boxrec.Com. Williamson has forced opponents like Elicier Castillo, Dale Crowe, and former WBC Heavyweight Champion Oliver Mccall to go to sleep fighting him.  He also knocked down highly touted Wladimir Klitchko and was on the verge of knocking him out for good, but in his haste he opened up a bloody gash on the flat footed giant forcing the fight to go to the score cards losing the decision.

Hopefully a few more colorful knockouts, like the one against Derrick, should position him for a title challenge down the Road.

Watch Out



By Michael Amakor



On April 30, John "The Quiet Man" Ruiz the current two time WBA Champion and former NABA, NABF and IBO Heavyweight Champion defends his title against the current WBC Continental Americas and IBA Heavyweight Heavyweight champion James "Lights Out" Toney at New York's Madison Square Garden.


Lights Out is on a mission to become the seventh man in history to step up all the way from the Middleweight Division to capture a recognized heavyweight title. His resume is as impressive as his temper tantrums, over the course of seventeen years he has amassed a record of 68 victories, 43 of them by way of Kayo suffering only 4 losses with two 2 draws. Along the way he has seized the IBF, IBO, IBC and WBU belts in the Middleweight, Super Middleweight, Cruiserweight and the Heavyweight division. He has given us some great fights with one of the most memorable being a free for all war against Vasilly Jirov in one of the best fights of 2004. A Simply Amazing Guy - and now he is trash talking about all the horrible things he is going to do to the Quietman and the world of boxing waits in terror at the havoc he could wreck.


Ruiz on the other hand has a lot to be quiet about  especially after a loss in the first round to David Tua and the humiliating loss of his WBA belt to blown up Light Heavyweight Roy Jones who out jabbed him exposing his limited boxing Skills.


To his credit he has re-grouped after every disaster to surprise us with his dogged tenacity and perseverance. A closer look at his resume shows respectable victories over Nate Tubbs, Jimmy Thunder and Julius Francis, enroute to capturing the NABA, the NABF and WBA titles along the way. He has also defended his title in ugly highly unappreciated Roman greeco boxing style  affairs against Kirk Johnson, Boxing legend Evander Holyfield, Hasim “The Rock”Rahman, Fres Oquendo and “The Foul Pole” “Andrew Golota.

You might not like his style but he is a rugged champion who always finds a way to win, wrestling and frustrating his opponents into submission.


This fight could be a classic war or a shadow boxing stinker because Toney likes to keep his action against the ropes accurately counter punching incomers while Ruiz on the other hand moves awkwardly and is inclined to clinch when the going gets hectic, he then smothers his opponent wearing them down as he coasts to a comfortable decision.


The two common opponents the have faced may give you an indication of how this fight might go as both guys lost their titles to Roy Jones Jr. But Toney promptly dispatched Evander Holyfield in round nine while Ruiz was unable to impose his will on Evander over 36 rounds.


In the end it may all boil down to who wants it the most, Ruiz has remained unheralded for years as his critics tear him apart with every performance. He will try to prove them wrong against the smaller Toney who may be more inclined to win if only to back up all the trash talking he has done in promoting this bout and his entire career.

May the best man Win


See Ruiz vs Golota Analysis




By Jim Amato

The Reign Of John Ruiz Will End, It has to happen. The time has finally come. The long and boring title tenure of John Ruiz is about to end.

On April 30th in New York's Madison Square Garden, Ruiz will take on James Toney. The W.B.A. heavyweight title that Ruiz has held for several unexciting years will be on the line. Except for a short period of time after Roy Jones Jr. slapped him silly and "borrowed" the title, Ruiz has claimed to be king. Roy decided to give up the "title" to return to the light heavyweight division. Ruiz was able to again "reclaim" the championship. During the time that Ruiz has claimed a piece of the heavyweight pie has anyone really taken him seriously ? Was John ever really acclaimed to be the best heavyweight in the world ? It is very, very doubtful. Does anyone really think that Ruiz could have defeated Lennox Lewis ? Vitali Klitschko ? Hell even speedy but light hitting Chris Byrd is probably held in higher regard then Ruiz.

John Ruiz has a chance to change all the conceptions and opinions of him come April 30th. James Toney is a former middleweight and super middleweight champion and a long time light heavyweight contender. He also held the cruiserweight title after defeating Vassily Jirov in a highly entertaining bout. James cracked the heavyweight ranks by giving the great Evander Holyfield a thrashing that "Iron" Mike Tyson could only dream of inflicting upon Evander. Ruiz refers to Toney as a middleweight. Hey John I got a news flash for you, Toney is a legit threat to your title.

Why do I not see Ruiz winning this fight ? Simple...He will be in with a master boxer. A true artist of his trade. I took me years to really appreciate the style and talent of James Toney. All I see is an awkwardly aggressive Ruiz coming forward trying to intimidate Toney and force the action. All he will really connect with are arms and shoulders. Meanwhile a patient and observing Toney will see openings for his vaunted counterpunches. In the time it takes to say "ouch", Toney will have set  the tempo for the fight. I can not see him relinquishing it.

  There will be times when Ruiz will trap Toney on ropes and flail away. James will take a few but avoid the majority of the onslaught. Toney will then proceed to put on a counterpunching clinic. If John Ruiz is nothing else he is courageous. He will take his punishment like a man and as the bout continues he will be taking it in large doses. I see Toney battering Ruiz around the ring in a later round and finally a merciful referee will jump in to save John from further punishment and us fans from a further Ruiz reign.

IKEKE WINS!!!         By Michael Amakor

Nigeria's Kingsley "Sharp Knuckles" Ikeke is now the IBF number two ranked contender in the Middleweight Division. He achieved this feat by stopping "Kid Dynamite" Antwun Echols by TKO after the 10th round in a fight scheduled for twelve rounds

The fight was pretty much even in the first four rounds as each fighter seemed to live up to his respective moniker, but three time world recognized title challenger Echols was seemingly drained of the power that had once stopped Charles Brewer and tested Anthony Mundine in the Super Middleweight Division. It appeared that having to come down in weight for this fight seemed to much, but he managed a lively pace and showed some offensive power by taking the 5th round.

Ikeke's punches on the other had were sharp and right on target as he jabbed Echols right eye shut and went ahead to dismantle his one eyed opponent confidently assuming control of the fight in the ninth round. He pressured and harassed Echols into losing his focus and being forced to take a knee from the accumulated punishment and pain to his swollen eye in the final round.

Team Kid Dynamite was forced throw in the towel to preserve the Kid for another day and as he sat wearily in his corner he must have known that the future looked bleak as he now has six losses on his record along with the memory of failed title shots.

For Sharp Knuckles he is on the march to greatness as his record climbed to 23 wins and he could potentially be matched up against the winner of the Hopkins versus Taylor fight.



By Michael Amakor

On April 15th, number 17th ranked Middleweight Contender Kingsley “Sharp Knuckles” Ikeke the current  NABF,NABA and WBO NABO Middleweight Champion takes on former NABF and NABA Super Middleweight Champion "Kid Dynamite" Antwun Echols at the Northern Quest Casino in Spokane Washington. 

Kingsley has been a rising star in the division for the last two years albeit with victories over nondescript opposition and now he appears ready for big time competition. His choice of Kid Dynamite is a very risky gambit because not only is Echols a gifted high pressure veteran, he has only fallen short twice against Bernard Hopkins for the IBF belt and a decision loss to Anthony Mundine for the WBA Super Middleweight Belt in competitive fights

Is Sharp Knuckles ready to take on tough but perhaps battle weary Kid Dynamite, this remains to be seen and the fight is ever more important because a win for Ikeke positions him for a title shot against unified Middleweight Champion Bernard Hopkins down the road, He is already talking tough about what this fight means to him, but the kid could let loose dynamite knowing that a loss could turn him into a journey man or retire him permanently with the cows in sunny side Iowa. Besides that he does not have that much to look forward too and a third rubber match against old foe Hopkins leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

But you never know, Hopkins may get dethroned by Jermaine Taylor and the new King may decide to set an example against the number two contender to his supremacy.  We shall see

This fight will be televised on ESPN2 at 8pm est/6pm pt

May the Best Man Win




By Michael Amakor

The world of boxing witnessed the Coronation of an Emperor heralding the return of the division. The crown is now perrsonified by WBA Champion Jean Marc Mormeck who displayed fearsome punching power backing up “Big Truck” Wayne Braithwaite thoroughly brutalizing him over twelve rounds to seize his WBC belt. By that feat he has become the first Unified Cruiserweight Champion of the world since 1988.

The first hint of trouble was during the ringside introductions when Mormeck removed his robe to reveal the chiseled physique of a body builder. Wayne ignored his stare down during the first part of the introductions, and when he looked up after the referee had them remove their shirts, Mormeck was already warming up for the round by bouncing on his feet revealing deep conditioning.

Big Truck pulled the trigger right away taking the first three rounds by tagging Jean Marc repeatedly with straight jabs and a hellecious body attack aimed at breaking down his opponents will. Mormeck showed us his resilience and began to counter back with hard shots of his own forcing Braithwaite to retreat in circles trying to keep the fight in the center of the ring.

By  round five, Mormeck seemingly began to take control of the fight as his power began to be an overbearing factor as he effectively began to pressure Wayne back into ropes flailing away with hard power shots that shook Wayne to the bone. This forced Wayne to hold on for dear life that earned him a warning from the ref for holding as he tried to regain his scattered wits and comprehend the indomitable force in front of him.

He regained his senses in sixth and went wild unloading some digging body shots knowing in his heart that he had to slow down the Mormeck Express who simply took another breather and retaliated furiously as he tried to pull back.

Wayne tried this tactic again in the seventh delivering more hard shots to the body, and everything seemed to be going well until the referee got into the mix seperating both fighters twice delivering an unnecessary warning to Wayne as he did so.

This brief episode momentarily distracted Wayne as Mormeck sprung forward from behind the referee to hit him with more power shots before finally catching him with an overhead right that sent him crashing down to the canvas for the first time in his professional career. He beat the count easily and managed to survive the round.

In round eight, the referee docked Wayne a point for holding and backed away leaving him off guard as Mormeck leapt in again but this time Braitwaite spun out of the trap and unleashed a staccato flurry of 26 unanswered punches that had the fans in the crowd jumping for joy. Mormeck absorbed this tremendous barrage and countered with straight rights that once again had the Big Truck in reverse.

The action slowed down considerable from the ninth round on as Mormeck relaxed and began to use lateral movement and an accurate jab that caught Wayne anytime he tried to come in. Wayne showed his tremendous championship heart as he withstood more punishment from the extremely heavy handed Mormeck eventually making it to the final bell.

Showing true sportsmanship a low keyed Mormeck told Wayne to forget about all the antics outside the ring and Wayne was a complete gentleman in response knowing in his heart that he had done his best but simply could not stop the indomitable power of Mormeck that night. He demanded a rematch and promised fight  fans he would make a comeback, we hope so Wayne,

All Hail the new King Jean Marc Mormeck


Wayne Braithwaite (Guyana)


By Michael Amakor

The division that once featured the likes of Evander "Real Deal" Holyfield, David Oawi, Orlin Norris, James Toney, Vassily Jirov, and Virgil Hill, has been lackluster for the past couple of years to put it mildly. None of the past champions, except Holyfield had the star personality to draw boxing fans towards the division.

The insignificance of the division has been repeatedly exposed by the likes of Light Heavyweights Roy Jones and Michael Moorer respectively, who bypassed the division to fight as heavyweights, with the former, Jones beating John Ruiz for the heavyweight title, and Moorer sustaining a campaign that eventually led to his capturing the title a few years later.

In other cases star fighters of the Division like James Toney and veterans like Juan Carlos Gomes have cited the lack of prize money or the lack of depth in the division for relinquishing their titles to begin  long, ill advised and so far fruitless searches for more money and a Heavyweight title. Orlin Norris, Al Cole, and Imamu Mayfield can testify to that fact, but Toney's gambit may pay off if he can past WBA Heavyweight Champion John Ruiz next month.

However things are about to change, the alphabet organizations recently increased their various weight limits to 200 pounds, this will make it much harder for blown up light Heavyweights to bypass the division and keep the talent within the division.

This move if enacted sooner may have saved the legacy of Jones, who may have remained undefeated if he did not have to jump up from 175 pounds all the way up to  astrong 193 pounds, take a pounding from a full blown up Heavyweight in a winning effort and then after that having to lose weight all the way back down to the Light Heavyweight limit of 175 pounds, needless to say he was a shockingly discombobulated ghost when he lost his Light Heavyweight crown to Tarver in two rounds.

On the heels of that decision is the coming unification bout between WBA Champion Jean-Marc Mormeck and WBA Champion Wayne “Big Truck Braithwaite on April 12. Not since the days of the "Real Deal" back in 1988 have we had a unified champion of the division. It is sad that both guys lack name recognition or star power, because they can Fight, do not believe any press articles to the contrary.

Braithwaite is an angry and brutal puncher who breaks his knuckles looking for the KO, if you watched his latest fights against Louis Azille and Ravea Springs you will believe, even Toney, Jones and Jirov view him as a risky gambit and did not risk their their guts against his, he remains undefeated. Mormeck is  an unknown variety but got through former long time reigning Virgil Hill twice and is ranked Number three at cruiserweights ahead of "Big Truck" according to Boxrec.Com.

Hopefully, the winner will seek to unification bout against vetted and tested WBO champion Johnny Nelson or the winner of the IBF championship contest between O'Neil "Give'em Hell" Bell and Dale Brown.

The event takes place at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino, in Hollywood Florida on Showtime at 11pm est/pt. Do not miss this fight as the new Cruiserweight Champion of the World will emerge.

Stay Tuned



By Michael Amakor

Finally after a sixteen month self imposed hiatus Ex IBF, IBA and WBA Light Middleweight Champion "Ferocious" Fernando Vargas returned to the ring against former IBO Middleweight Champion Raymond "Hallelujah"Jovala at the American Bank Center, Corpus Christi, in Texas on March 26, 2004.

No one really knows why he took this much time away from the spotlight, but on closer reflection he needed time off to recover after brutal knockout losses to Trinidad and De La Hoya in 2000 and 2002 respectively. It has been confirmed that he had been fighting for years with severe pains from a swollen disc in his lower back. While in exile he hired some of the best strength trainers in the business to help him during the healing process and to prepare him for his eventual return to the ring.

All these tactics paid off as he pounded out a convincing ten round unanimous decision over the ineffectively aggressive Raymond Joval.

Either due to ring rust or a vow to control naked displays of aggression, Vargas fought a cautious but dominant fight and did not jump in for the kill even after he had wobbled Joval in the third round. His shots were accurate though, and by the middle rounds he began to assert himself even going on target practice in the eight round carefully picking his shots to the body and connecting with hard lunging straight right hands to the head to win that round. He switched to left hooks to win the ninth round according to HBO's scorecard and managed to withstand the desperate onslaught from the physically bigger and determined Joval trying to make a rally in the tenth and final round.

A haunted looking, but victorious Fernando scored himself a three and a half on a scale of ten when questioned about his performance by HBO boxing analyst Larry Merchant. He also very calmly spoke about his wish fights for the future that shockingly lacked the fury of his past bombasts to include a fight against newly crowned  WBA champion Javier Castillejo that he claims will, position him to challenge Felix Trinidad or Oscar De La Hoya down the road sometime in the future.

The World of Boxing waits with Baited Breath



By Michael Amakor

On March 24 in a far away corner of the boxing world a new tribal warlord has emerged to claim the vacant IBU Heavyweight Belt by stopping rival John Poore to join the crowded Heavyweight alphabet soup of championship pretenders.

That man is thirty five year old, two hundred and sixty pounds

Robert Hawkins

The four major kings of the WBA, WBC, WBO and IBF are too  busy fighting over the spoils of the division to notice this new rebellion. One of them might decide to quash this mutiny, but it might not be worth the trouble and the problem will fester or perhaps wither away.

All hail the new King


By Michael Amakor

Finally after a sixteen month self imposed hiatuse Ex IBF, IBA and WBA Light Middleweight Champion Ferocious Fernando Vargas return to the ring against former IBO Middleweight Champion Raymond "Hallelujah"Jovala at the American Bank Center, Corpus Christi, in Texas on March 26, 2004.

No one really knows why he took this much time but on closer reflection he needed time off to rest after brutal knockout losses to Trinidad and De La Hoya in 2001 and 2002 respectively.

More Coming Soon


Erik Morales vs. Manny Pacquiao

Superstars Erik 'El Terrible' Morales and Manny Pacquiao will collide in a scorching showdown at MGM Grand Saturday, March 19. Top Rank and M & M Sports, in association with MGM Grand, will present Morales vs. Pacquiao in a 12-round super featherweight showdown which will be produced and distributed by HBO Pay-Per-View.

"Fight fans are going to see an all-action fight from bell to bell," said Bob Arum of Top Rank. "This is an exciting event and this is what professional boxing is all about."

"As they did in 2004, Erik Morales and Manny Pacquiao continue to participate in some of the sport's most exciting and compelling match-ups," said Mark Taffet, HBO Senior Vice President of Sports Operations and pay-per-view. "This should be a great event for pay-per-view boxing fans."

Morales, 47-2 with 34 knockouts, is a three-time world champion from Tijuana. Pacquiao, 39-2-2 with 30 knockouts, is a two-time world champion from Kibawe, Philippines.

It is a riveting, historic match-up. Both fighters attack immediately, put pressure on their opponents and fire blistering punches. Morales and Pacquiao have been in many thrilling championship battles and are recognized by many as the two top action fighters in any weight class.






By Michael Amakor

The Left Hook Express train remains unstoppable and still on the tracks as he brutalized an overmatched Rubin Williams signalling a warning to the boxing world that a new King has arrived determined to begin hostilities against all pretenders.

Referee Tony Weeks a veteran of many championship fights had seen enough at the end of the sixth round and halted the contest declaring a jubilant Jeff  a Technical Knockout victory.

I want Joe Calzaghe any time any place and on his own turf,  declared a blood thirsty, knuckle cracking Jeff Lacy immediately after the bout.

The Super Middleweight Division has not had a Unified King in distant memory and the other champions of the division better start stockpiling an arsenal of completed pushups and logged gym time if the want to cling onto their belts for much longer.

Watch Out


On The Contender NBC TV series on March 7

Alfonso Gomez

clinched fame by being the first contender to call out a bigger and more experienced WBO NABO Light Middleweight Champion  Peter Manfredo Jr, and taking him down and out to the surprise of Ring Legend Sugar Ray Leonard and "Rocky".

Perhaps another Middleweight Champion in the Making.

Watch Out



A Diamond Stitched Boxing Glove Signed By Mohammed Ali Benefiting the Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation


Woods: Champion at last




















By Michael Amakor


Former Vacant WBC International Light Heavyweight Champion Clinton Woods finally annexed the IBF Light Heavyweight belt by stopping previously unbeaten IBA Continental Light Heavyweight Champion Rico Hoye in the 5th round in a dominating performance.

Woods set the tone from the beginning of the fight with ferocious left hooks and a  solid left jab. Hoye who had previously decisioned Montel Ice Griffin in his previous fight tried to retaliate against Woods excellent combinations earning a low point deduction in a losing effort enroute to forcing the referee IIan John Lewis to end the one sided contest at the 2.59th minute.

Clinton fell short in three previous contests to be the champion against Roy Jones and twice against Glen Johnson in close razor thin decisions.  When Glen relinquished the title to take on Antonio Tarver he got another chance and this time emphatically clinched the crown. His perseverance has proved that you will be rewarded by boxing once you dust off any disastrous defeats and get back into the ring one more time.

How long he can hold the title remains to be seen as WBO Super Middleweight Champion Joe Calzaghe might see him as an easy pick to move up to the Light Heavyweight Division especially as he does not have to come all the way to the United states to do so.  The pay per view potential could be enormous in a bout that could aptly be titled the "The Angry Welshman comes after the English".


Stay Tuned







By Michael Amakor



IBF Super Middle Weight Champion Jeff Left Hook" Lacy dreams about unifying the Division, but he must first get past IBU Intercontinental Super Middleweight Champion Rubin Williams tonight on SHOWTIME at 10.30 pm es/pt.


These two guys have a history between them as Left Hook defeated William in the Olympic trials back in 1996, history could repeat itself as it usually does in such cases just ask Shane Mosley who was brutalized into accepting that his loss to Vernon Forest in the same trials was no fluke.


But the IBU Champ is brimming with confidence even as boxing analysts discount his abilities believing that a left Hook will crack is jaw, Lacy on the other hand though making comments about his focus for this fight is already looking forward to a showdown against the number one ranked universally accepted  pound for pound WBO Super Middleweight Champion Joe Calzaghe.


Both guys are young and hungry so expect fireworks and the winner is going to light a fire to explode the division into the limelight which has not been done since the days of Roy Jones.



May the best Man win






                              By Michael Amakor


Bernard The Executioner Hopkins crushed the challenge to his supremacy of the Middleweight Division by dominating Howard Eastman down the stretch to retain his WBA, WBC, IBF AND WBO Titles.


It looked like Hopkins was in trouble in the early rounds as Eastman applied the pressure forcing Hopkins to clinch.


The action picked up in the later rounds and Hopkins really showed the stuff of champions  by rocking Eastman with some devestating lunging left hooks that would have decapitated the head of a lesser opponent but Eastman held his own and fought back valiantly managing to see the final round.


After the fight Hopkins was unusually amiable during his post fight interview no doubt relieved that he had retained his belts and legacy, but nevertheless with the creeping realization that he was not quite the same fighter at 41 years old, you could tell from his demeanor that he knew it was going to get tougher. "He takes a hell of a shot, he said about Eastman giving him a B-minus."


He kept up his demeanor during the interview with Larry Merchant and as always was unapologetic about any perceived shortcomings in the bout. He must have been wondering what Larry and the boxing public wanted from a 41 year old champion who although was willing to skirmish whenever necessary, preferred to  methodically pick apart his opponents from the outside while coasting to a comfortable decision victory. Do we not know that this wise tactic will preserve his fossil and brain tissue incrementally longer to elongate his rule of the division. Wait until you take a punch he argued deep within himself while verbally sparring with HBO'S always caustic and demanding Larry Merchant.


Hopkins with this victory has surpassed all records in that division and looks forward to many more million dollar show downs including possibly against rising young blood Jermain Taylor who made an impressive showing on his undercard, that would be a match to watch.


But Joe Calzaghe, the WBO Middleweight Champion thinks differently and feels Hopkins victory over Eastman was mediocre at best and he confidently proclaimed that he would have knocked him out that night or any other night for that matter.


Bernard does not like to be disrespected so watch out










By Michael Amakor


On February 19, 2004, Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins the undisputed unified WBC, IBF, WBA and WBO Middleweight Champion of the World defends his titles against the current European Union Middleweight Champion “The Battersea Bomber” Howard Eastman at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.


The Executioner first made a fan of me with his brutal bone crunching stoppage of "The Sledgehammer" Joe Lipsky in the 4th round back in 1996, His ring entrance, costume and huge bodyguards behind him carrying his battle axes along with his hard core eloquence was truly menacing to watch, you knew he was the real deal and could fight.


Since then he has gone on to crush challenges to his supremacy and reign from William Joppy, Antwun Echols twice, Felix Trinidad and current Light Heavyweight King Glen Johnson, he also just came off a superb performance over ring legend “The Golden Boy” Oscar De la Hoya whom he schooled in the finer aspects of the sweat science before finally finishing him off with a single well timed body shot in the ninth round of their encounter in September of 2004, Along with finally satisfying boxing skeptics with his performance he also annexed the WBO Middleweight title in the process to become the Unified and Undisputed Middleweight  Champion of the World.


The white goateed Battersea bomber is rated number five in the world by boxrec and fightkings.com, but is virtually unknown in the United States since he has mostly restricted his campaigns within the United Kingdom. He has a motley collection of journey men on his resume but battled former champion William "El Torreille” Joppy for the vacant WBA Middleweight title (due to the declaration of Bernard Hopkins as the Super Champion) and despite a brave effort where he had him down in the last round lost a close decision. He also has a ninth round TKO win over fast fading French Middleweight and former WBA Middleweight Champion Hassine Cheriffi.


In analyzing this fight you would note that both fighters shared a common opponent and went the full twelve rounds with William Joppy, but that is where the comparison ended because while Eastman engaged in a give and take ding dong affair with Joppy, Hopkins was disinclined to engage in such antics and dished out a pounding so brutal; Joppy was left an almost unrecognizable grotesque lumpy contorted mess after twelve rounds of action.


But Eastman has a huge advantage in this fight as he is six years younger than Hopkins whose boxing skills are first rate but who is now on the north side of 40 years old. Based on the stare down between the two fighters a couple of days ago Eastman seems determined to ensure that Hopkins gets old in the ring.


Hopkins on the other hand may be out to prove to the boxing world that age is but a number and I saw him grin back confidently at Eastman no doubt planning how to break Eastman’s jaw to clear the  path towards a million dollar showdown with old foe Felix Tito Trinidad,

May the best man win.






Jermain "Bad Intentions" Taylor




Daniel "The Haitian Sensation" Edouard


Clash for the


WBC Continental Americas Middleweight Title

Held by Bad Intentions on the undercard of the Hopkins Eastman undercard.


Stay Tuned




The Beast from the East


Nikolai Valuev


defended his

WBA Intercontinental Heavyweight Crown



Attila " The Hun" Levin 





The Bull from Bosporus


Sinan Samil Sam


Defended his

WBC International Heavyweight Belt.



Lawrence Clay-Bey












Welterweight Champion of the World


By Michael Amakor


Proving that their last match was a fluke,  Zab Judah dethroned "The Next Generation" Cory Spinks by scoring a technical knockout victory in the 9th round in enemy territory at the Savvis Center, in St. Louis, Missouri on Saturday, February the 9th 2004AD.


Cory has the right genes in being the son of former Heavyweight Champion Leon Spinks , but lacked the fire, desire and outrage to slow down the temerity of Zab Judah who stepped up in weight for his throne in their encounters,  As is his habit he tried to box from the outside like he did in their first fight in his title retention effort and against wild swinging Ricardo Mayorga in a shadow boxing title annexing stinker,


None of these antics could help him this time avoid the power shots aimed at him and he increasingly became unsteady on his feet so much that he narrowly escaped an official knockdown in the 7th round.


Cory tried to fight on and was getting back into the fight hopefully heading towards another twelve round decision when Zab who was leaving nothing to chance this time decided to close the show and unleashed a  barrage of punches that floored the champ and forced the referee to stop the fight.


It has been a long ride for the Zab who is the current WBO Intercontinental Welterweight Champion and former the IBF Light Welterweight and USBA Light Welterweight Title Champion.


The coast in now open for a revenge match against Kostya Tsyzu and from a gallaxy of Welterweight Championship contenders who will be outraged at his sudden ascension into the throne.


There will be a multitude of challenges and fight possibilities, but The Zab has enough gold in his smile and the attitude to take on all comers.


Watch Out


On February 12 at the Max-Schmeling-Halle, in far away Germany

 "The Beast From The East" Nikolai Valuev will try to suppress the Challenge from  Attila " The Hun" Levin 

for his

WBA Intercontinental Heavyweight Crown

The "Bull from Bosporus" Sinan Samil Sam will try to weather the storm from  seemingly unsatisfied with his IBA Continental Heavyweight belt Champion  Lawrence Clay-Bey

for his

WBC International Heavyweight Belt.

Watch Out





The Two Guns Express Train


By Michael Amakor


On Saturday February the 9th at the Savvis Center in St. Louis, Missouri,  former WBC Continental Americas Heavyweight Champion "Two Guns" Monte Barrett scored a ninth round technical knockout victory over former WBA Fedelatin Heavyweight Champion Owen "What the Heck" Beck in a WBC & IBF Heavyweight Title Eliminator match.


Beck who was previously undefeated in 24 fights went down in the 2nd round and twice in the ninth round but that did not stop him from drawing blood by opening up a cut on Barrett's face. Both fighters exchanged heavy punches but the older more seasoned Barrett connected more forcefully and spread out Owen Beck on the canvas forcing the referee to halt the contest.


For Beck it is the end of an unbeaten streak, but he is young and should hopefully rebound from this minor setback, Monte Barrett on the out hand has positioned himself for a title challenge especially after beating once considered future of the heavyweight division rising prospect Dominic Guinn in March of 2004. This victory over Beck shows us his resolve and iron grit determination to seize a title from one the current Champions who may be ripe for the plucking.


Watch Out



Gatti crushes Leija in the 5th round.

 By Michael Amakor

On January 29 at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic CityArturo “Thunder” Gatti displayed the boxing skills and ferocity that have made him a popular pugilist in the sport of boxing by knocking down former WBC Super Featherweight champion “The Texas Tornado” Jesse James Leija twice forcing the referee to count him out and halt the contest at the 1.48 minute of the fifth round. This is Gatti's second defense of his WBC Light Welterweight Belt.

The began the first round cautiously circling and pawing at each other trying to feel themselves out. The fight quickly heated up in the third round as Leija began to connect with his right crosses and seemed to begin to take control fight occasionally backing Gatti into the ropes with hard body shots. 

He seemed to take that round and it was a bit disconcerting to see that he lost the round according to HBO's scoreboard especially since Gatti refused to get embroiled in a brawl as is typical of his career. He instead employed the sound boxing lessons learned under the tutelage of his trainer former champion Buddy Mcgirt. He stayed on the outside and moved his head and used lateral movements to make Leija miss several punches patiently waiting for the right opening as he steadily increased the pressure on Jesse James.

His chance came in the fifth round when he unloaded a series of power shots that sent Leija crashing down to the canvas, Leija took his time in trying to beat the count to clear his head and when he rose up to his feet he immediately retaliated  with some accurate shots of his own trying to halt the coming onslaught from Gatti who knew smelt blood. 

But he was doomed and Gatti advanced forward unleashing another  barrage of power shots against the cringing Leija who boxed and weaved the punches until one punch glanced off his bald dome. There was a delayed reaction before the effect of the punch sent him crashing down to his knees against the ropes impressing upon him the urgency of his situation forcing him to capitulate by allowing himself to be counted out by the referee. 

Once I got my rhythm and start landing the right hand and the my left hook, the bombs start coming" said Gatti to a cheering boxing crowd. 

While the 38 year old "Texas Tornado" with a record of 47 wins, 7 losses and 2 draws contemplates retirement, Arturo Gatti will head back to the gym for an already scheduled showdown for the WBC Light Welterweight Title against “Pretty Boy’ Floyd Mayweather Junior in June.

Watch Out.




The Dream is here to Stay

By Michael Amakor



Kassim The Dream" Ouma defended his IBF Light  Middleweight Crown for the first time against former Commonwealth Welterweight and WBC International Light Middleweight Champion Kofi Jantuah in an all African affair winning a twelve round unanimous decision on the undercard of the Arturo Gatti versus Jesse James Leija clash.

The Dream captured the belt title declared vacant after Ronald "Winky" Wright refused to defend it. He defeated old time foe Verno Phillips for the title and with this defense can relax and look for options against possible opponents including we hope a unification war with the winner of the WBC and WBA title clash between Felix Trinidad and Winky Wright.


Watch Out




Dieppa retains WBO title Against!


Pongsaklek Keeps his WBC Flyweight Title by annihilating Komatsu!

Harrison, Polo draw!


Chi Still WBC Champion!


Write for FightKings.Com  Contact the Editor at [email protected]






Is Mayweather ready to test Thunder or Can Thunder Gatti slow down lightening Mayweather?


By Robert  McInnis


The Saturday Night WBC Light Welterweight Title eliminator between "Pretty Boy" Floyd Mayweather and Bruseles - Bruseles who? was a no brainer   Cousin to Cotto or not, he wasted his time in the ring with Mayweather.  Mayweather out boxed and out pointed Bruseles like a master chef flipping burgers at McDonald’s.  It will be a good contest when he fights Gatti, and though I favor Mayweather to win, I do not think Gatti as much as I like his boxer/brawler style has enough in his arsenal to deal with “Pretty Boy’ or slow him down. But then again I’ve been wrong before.  Gatti has not disappointed us since his loss to De la Hoya.  However look for pure excitement by virtue of the game when the “Thunder Gatti” meets “Pretty Boy Floyd”.



First in Line to the Throne

By Michael Amakor

"The Nigerian Nightmare" Samuel Peter is continuing his upward rampage of the Heavyweight Division, he just cleared out the crowded deck of next generation championship contenders by battering rising prospect Yamplier Azcuy aka Yankee Diaz who had earlier shocked us with victories over former unbeaten Cruiserweight King Juan Carlos Gomez and 3 time title challenger Vaughn Bean. These victories may have gone to his head or he totally unprepared to handle the the furious punching power of the indomitable Samuel Peter.

The Nightmare from Nigeria dropped Azcuy to the canvas five times in the 1st, twice in the 2nd, 4th and 5th round forcing the referee to call a halt to the contest awarding Peter a technical kayo victory.

Samuel Peter with this brutal display seized the Vacant USBA Heavyweight Crown, he is also the current NABF Heavyweight Champion, and as he straps this new belt to his huge carcass he must be thinking that there is enough room for a bigger belt usually handed out by the WBA, the WBC, the IBF and the WBO.

This victory has catapulted the Nigerian Nightmare into a well deserved number twelve ranking in the world according to Boxrec.Com and if you rise up in protest please inspect the victims of his furious outrage upwards through the division named Jeremy Williams, Charles Shufford, Juvo Pudor and Dale Crowe to hold your peace especially now that he has remained unbeaten in twenty one fights.

All hail the new hurricane set to conquer the Heavyweight Division.

Watch Out


10:00PM ET/7:00PM PT

American Airlines Arena
Miami, FL

HBO Prefight Buzz

Elite collides with ordinary when Floyd Mayweather Jr. meets Henry Bruseles. Pretty Boy, one of the brightest talents in the sport, faces a fit but outclassed opponent for his first outing in 244 days. Simply put, as a fighter Mayweather has it all. In fact he probably even possesses "El Nitro's" few "advantages" in this bout: Floyd's own delicate hands and problematic personal life.

For his part, Bruseles is a little-known journeyman who has conquered a handful of lesser-knowns. A good showing (i.e. going the distance) in this fight can only upgrade an otherwise undistinguished career. There is a gulf of talent disparity between the two men, and they have no common opponents. Having always fought at 140, Bruseles is a natural at this weight. So at least he should be physically comfortable - that is until Floyd starts to float and sting.

It has been a full 4 years since Mayweather raised eyebrows and his own status in the game by demolishing the formerly dangerous Diego Corrales. Since then, he has racked up nothing but victories. In 2003, his momentum building after a noteworthy win against Victoriano Sosa, he dispensed with a respectable Philip Ndou my means of a smashing triple hook in Round 7. However, his most "recent" win (DeMarcus Corley in May of last year) was a mismatch, and his truly worthy opponents still lie ahead. Dead ahead, in fact, if Arturo Gatti prevails against James Leija next weekend. For now, a tune-up's a tune-up.


Gomez crushes the Dream

By Michael Amakor

Former WBC International and Ex WBC Cruiserweight Champion  Juan Carlos Gomez, had his left eye almost swollen shot from an accidental clash of heads in his one sided drubbing of former WBA Fedecentro Heavyweight Champion  David "The Dream" DeFiagbon, bludgeoning him into the ropes and forcing the referee Kurt Stroer to call a halt to the contest in the 2.58 minute of the 3rd Round.
For Defiagbon he is at the end of a two time in a row losing streak , Gomez on the other hand has kind of redeemed himself after his shocking destruction at the hands of fellow Cuban compatriot Yamplier Azcuy who continues his upward rampage of the Heavyweight Division against fellow next generation hot prospect the Nigerian Samuel Peter.

Boxing still needs two eyed fighters so pack the ice Gomez.




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