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People are looking at this fight as a comeback for Wladimar Klitschko, perhaps they should be looking at it as my coming out party, and possibly his retirement party,”

DaVarryl Williamson  























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The return of Trinidad!

 By David Gonzalez

     This past Saturday we witnessed the triumphant return of Felix Trinidad (42-1-35) over the hard hitting and tough Mayorga (26-5-22).  After two and a half years off due to an early retirement, Trinidad showed the world why he is one of the top fighters in the world today. 

He not only fought well dispelling rumors that his skills and determination were eroding, but he rose to the occasion and dismantled one of the toughest fighters in the planet, Mayorga.  Tito also shocked many of his critics by changing up his style a bit.  Trinidad displayed a powerful stinging right, combinations to the head and lateral movement.

To Mayorga's credit, he fought like a warrior and he managed to withstand several onslaughts by Trinidad before scumming to a thunderous body blow which sent him to the canvas for the first of his 3 knockdowns.  Trinidad returned for as he puts it for the roar of the crowd and he got that, and more at Madison Square garden as the crowd was in the state of euphoria for their champion. 

What is next for the great fighter hailing from the Puerto Rican shores?  Hopefully a rematch with his conqueror "Hopkins"!  Will Tito once again rise up and meet the biggest challenge of his life? Only time will tell as Hopkins always makes it difficult to make a fight with him and he has not wished to rematch Tito after his win over him...the word is out that Hopkins wishes to fight Felix Sturm, who would be an easy victim for the old fox, so Trinidad has his work cut out for himself if he wishes for a rematch!


The struggle for Supremacy in the Heavyweight Division is on!

Watch Out




by Michael Amakor

FightKings.Com Salutes

Felix "Tito" Trinidad

The new WBANA AND NABC MiddleWeight Champion

Showing no ring rust and fighting as if he had never left, Tito shocked most boxing observers experts pummelling Ricardo " El Matador" Mayorga into a 9th round TKO.

This fight qualifies as one of the best fights of the year and it is amazing how he came straight out of two years of inactivity to take on the slugger from Nicaragua.

The feeling out process lasted barely a round before the began trading bombs, however Trinidad's overall ring generalship and power were too much for Mayorga who fought valiantly but was simply outgunned by the bigger and better boxer.

Tito's return and performance should serve as an example to fighters who should take a break from the game long enough to get a 2nd wind and nourish their bodies back to health for a comeback.

This victory has placed Tito at a vantage position to lay claims to all divisions down to the Light Middleweights all the way up to Super Middleweight. His complaints about not making weight back in the Welterweight have been proven right as he has gotten very powerful fighting at 168. He may decide to stay there.

His fighting weight is critical to his success but as he as he surveys the landscape deciding who to take on first he will sight old nemesis Bernard Hopkins sitting proudly on a throne holding the WBO, WBC,WBA and IBF titles beckoning on.

His eyes will glaze over with anger at bitter memories so fierce he will begin making frantic preparations to settle the score.



FightKings.Com Congratulates

Jeff Lacy


The 1st guy from the US 2000 Olympic team to capture a major Belt



Congratulations to


the New

IBF junior middleweight Champion of the World



FightKings.Com Salutes


For successfully defending his hard earned IBF Light Heavyweight Crown against the legendary Roy Jones

We have followed you for years now and realize many of your 9 losses were sometimes highway robberies, they could have gone either way and you would have been here sooner.Thank you for maintaining the course.We look forward to a monetarily rewarding unification championship between you and Antonio "Magic Man" Tarver



At long last one man has unified the Toughest Division in Boxing

And that man is 

BERNARD "The Executioner" HOPKINS

Please Join FightKings in Congratulating our new



The former Division of Marvelous Marvin Hagler


Felix Trinidad celebrates after winning the super-welterweight and junior-middleweight titles from Fernando Vargas





By Michael Amakor

On Oct 2 Felix “Tito” Trinidad and Ricardo El Matador” Mayorga are on a roller coaster collision course for the Vacant WBA North American Middleweight Title and NABC Middleweight Title.  

Trinidad is making a comeback after a 21/2 year hiatus, his record was a spectacular one, he first annexed the IBF Welterweight title by kayoing Maurice Blocker in two rounds in 1993, he made several defenses of his crown and annexed titles in three different higher weight classes, outclassing Oscar De la Hoya, Fernando Vargas, Pernel Whitaker and David Reid along the way, before finally suffering an 11th round technical knockout at the hands of Bernard The Executioner Hopkins in the 2002 Middleweight Unification championship, it was his first loss in 42 fights, he retired with a record of  41-01 (34 kayos) A legend in his time. 

Mayorga is a loud mouthed, chain smoking brawler from Nicaragua who first exploded into boxing limelight in 2003 by destroying Vernon Forest of the Shane Mosley fame in devastating fashion in the 2nd round unifying the WBA and WBC Welterweight titles in the process. Prior to that he had crushed WBA champion Andrew Six Heads Lewis twice and was the long time reigning WBA Fedelatin Light Middleweight champion. His championship reign ended at the hands of Cory “The next Generation” Spinks who outboxed him in a stinker that prevented Mayorga from landing one of his bombs. 

In analyzing this fight you have to remember that Trinidad is prone to flash knockdowns only to get up and overwhelm his opponent, he is a tireless puncher who moves forward applying constant pressure forcing his opponent to fight and be worn down by his punches, Mayorga on the other hand has not suffered a knockdown in recent memory and he views his opponents as highly repugnant bugs to be immediately squashed  before the rear an ugly head, he proceeds to throw unrestrained bombs with the soul intention of decapitating the head with one shot.  

Both are straight out offensive fighters who do not know how to fight going backwards, each has power and they will be straining at their chains foaming at the mouth anxiously waiting to begin unleashing wild uppercuts at each other, most unlucky will be the person caught first. The fight may not go the distance. 

This fight however showcases several problems with selecting contenders for a title, Trinidad should not have been in line to fighting Mayorga for these titles especially after 2 1/2 years exile from the ring, he is courting trouble because he is fighting a very confident Mayorga who has threatened  “I will send him back to Puerto Rico in a stretcher” and has fought 37 rounds since his retirement.

On paper and by past antecedents Trinidad should be the favorite to beat Mayorga, most boxing experts have it this way too, but Fighters are usually advised to box their way into the game slowly by fighting journey men to shake off ring rust and sharpen dulled boxing skills before taking on the champions of division.

Coming back too soon against a championship calibre fighter may result in an brutal beating that could potentially put thorns on the comeback trail, and if you doubt this just ask Mike Tyson who made a much expected comeback against a Danny Williams a current and active titlist who kayoed him finally destroying his awe inspiring personae.

Championship boxers who should know better are usually guided down this path of disaster by money, pride, poor management and reading too many clips about their abilities,

We shall see whether the redeeming motivational forces guiding “El Matador” after his loss to Spinks can match the furious anger of an exiled king looking to reclaim his throne from usurpers.

See Predictions, Schedule





FightKings Salutes the New WBO 115 Champion


Ivan “Choko” Hernandez


who annexed the title by kayoing Mark "Too Sharp" Johnson


May your Reign be long









Fightkings salutes

Former Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion 


on a successful comeback to the ring by beating journey man MARCUS RHODE after an 8 year hiatus.


We pray he doesn't go for a belt immediatly.







jones vs. johnson



By Michael Amakor

On September 25, former WBA,WBC,IBF,NBA Light Heavyweight and WBA Heavyweight Champion Roy Jones challenges Glencoffe Johnson for his IBF Light Heavyweight Crown. 

Most boxing experts and oddmakers naturally have Roy Jones as a 6 to 1 favorite to win this fight, as is typical with his fights the even go to the extent of not including  Johnson's picture in the fight poster.  

Roy beat Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins to seize the IBF Middleweight weight crown back in 1993, it took Glencoffe about 47 fights and 9 losses enroute to finally annexing the IBF Light Heavyweight crown against Clinton Woods in 2003.  

Most of Johnson’s losses were against foes Jones handily beat, comparing both fighters records leaves no doubt that Jones will use a combination of speed, skill, power and ring generalship to overwhelm Johnson even on his best day. 

However, the missing part of the equation in analyzing the fight is Roy Jones’s desire, he reached the plateau of his boxing career by outpointing “Quietmen” John Ruiz for the WBA heavyweight title in a most superb display of skill. To acheive this feat he had to blow up in weight from a light 175 to a cruising 193 pound heavyweight, although successful in his quest, he bypassed the entire  Cruiserweight division to a Heavyweight crown he had no intention of defending, and please do not mention the much publicized fight with Tyson, it was never going to happen.  

Instead he lost nearly 20 pounds to come back down to defend his Light Heavyweight titles against Tarver who beat him the first time and kayoed him outright the second time around. Most fans were shocked at how weak he had become but it should not have been a surprise to boxing experts. 

Boxers who disregard the unwritten rules of boxing by moving up and down in weight at will end up paying a huge price through a humiliating Kayo that suddenly has them contemplating retirement.  ;;

Boxing history is replete with fighters like Shane Mosley, James Toney, and Oscar De la Hoya to name a few, who thought the could just blow up or lose weight before scheduled fights. Each fought either way above their natural weight class or far below it, all suffered shocking losses that dealt heavy blows to their pride, legacy, and an invalueable lesson in boxing mechanics. 

Roy Jones has too many things going on in his life right now to focus on boxing, just like De La Hoya he has money, a movie career, a promotional deal with HBO as well as replacing Big George Foreman as a ringside commentator for HBO. 

Boxing requires absolute dedication from its subjects, any fighter who thinks otherwise usually ends up staring upwards at a referee counting him out after getting discompopulated from a fusilade of punches. 

Yes, nobody gives Glencoffe a chance, but anything can happen in boxing, and the underdog could make a roar so sudden we could be scratching our heads wondering what happened.

Perhaps it may be time for full time boxers to punch out unfocused multi-careered superstar boxers out of the sport for good, but then, Jones may still have the eye of the tiger.

We shall see,



FightKings.Com Hails

James "LIGHTS OUT" Toney

on seizing the IBA Heavyweight title and now being the mandatory contender to challenge Vitali Klitchko for the WBC heavyweight Title






FightKings Hails

Katsushige Kawashima

for successfully defending his WBC Super Flyweight title against Raul Juarez.








Oscar De La Hoya of Los Angeles, is consoled by his wife Millie after being knocked out be Bernard Hopkins Saturday, Sept. 18, 2004, at the MGM Grand Oscar don't Retire!


   By David Gonzalez


Despite his loss to Bernard Hopkins, he should not retire. He is still a young man who can still fight and give the public a lot of excitement. 

Oscar showed the world that Hopkins is not the fighter that he is totted to be. First of all Bernard is a taller heavier fighter who amazingly came in at 156 for the weigh in but the next day his unofficial weight was 169. Oscar dominated the early rounds and hit Hopkins nearly at will.  Why then did he not emerge victorious?  The answer is simple, Oscar has no power at 154 or beyond, if he did there would be a new champion today. 

The last man that Oscar ko'd was a worn out Vargas, who had taken several punches to both his head and body.  Oscar should fight a fighter who both has a name and is still a viable contender in his class.  One such fighter would be Vernon Forrest, who was the conqueror of his old nemesis, Suger Shane Mosely. This fight would allow Oscar to exit with his reputation intact and with a win.  Oscar has nothing to be ashamed about even after writhing in pain from what appeared to be a devastating blow from the "Executioner"!  He did not have to challenge the bigger Hopkins, but he did and he did not run in this fight. 

This fight will show both Oscar and other fighters, that we the public will always support fighters who who that aisle and face their challenges like warriors.  Hopkins who was the winner of Saturday's fight, may very well be a loser in terms of fights because there are little to no challenges in his weight class. Hopkins will finally be forced to fight larger fighters such as Roy Jones or Tarver (both that can hurt him!) or rematch Trinidad, a fighter that he knocked out yet runs from!? (Hopkins continues to refuse a rematch!).  Only time will tell what awaits both Oscar and Hopkins. 



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