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People are looking at this fight as a comeback for Wladimar Klitschko, perhaps they should be looking at it as my coming out party, and possibly his retirement party,”

DaVarryl Williamson  



















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By Michael Amakor



Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins made a fan of me with his thrilling brutal and sudden Kayo of "The Sledgehammer" Joe Lipsky in the 4th round sometime back in 1996, his ring entrance with his costume and huge bodyguards behind him carrying his battle axes along with his hard core eloquence was truly menacing, you knew he was the real deal and could fight.


Even back then he cried about not getting the best fights because he was promoted then by Lou Duva, he finally got his chance in 2002 in the middleweight championship unification series when he stopped Tito Trinidad to become the Middleweight King, he often pontificates about how he will retire any opponent, suffice it to say that Lipsky retired after that fight and Tito left the game one fight later, now he says he will retire Oscar De La Hoya.


Now The Golden Boy Oscar de la Hoya first  made me his fan after his brutal bone crunching two time stoppage of Mexican legend Julio Ceasar Chavez bashing his face into a bloody contorted mess, he further mesmerized me with his explosive knockdowns of Quartey, and technically dismantling Vargas not to mention his unforgettable war with Mosley or winning belts in 6 divisions. He is the stuff of legend and now he says he will beat Hopkins, believe me when Oscar speaks you better listen.


However this matchup typifies many things wrong about the sweat science, Hopkins should have moved up the divisional ladder all the way up to the Light Heavyweights, instead he is fixeted with  remaining the Middleweight Champ, it has been maddening not being able to watch him match his stubborness against Calzaghe, Otke, Jones or the alphabet Super middleweight champions for a piece of their belts.


Sometime you cannot fault his logic when you examine the facts, especially considering the politics involved in signing up for these fights with Don King as a major stakeholder. This situation which to a degree is no fault of his has to led to this upcoming fight with Oscar De la Hoyas who is coming in for the first time in his career as an under dog.


Oscar himself has been forced inspite of himself into this fight by gift decisions and skipping mandatory challengers out of his natural weight up into the Middleweight division.


I would hate for the brilliant career of De la Hoya to come to an end at the hands of Hopkins because it would be such a gift to Hopkins, and if you don't believe this watch Hopkins two ugly fights with Antwun Echols to know that Oscar is indeed out of his league and in deep water for this fight, it is by no miracle that Oscar is considered the underdog for this fight.


On the other hand it would be a shame if Bernard Hopkins (who surpassed Manzon's record for the most defenses of the middleweight title and is the current WBC, IBF and WBA Champion) should lose everything to a blown up welterweight even if he is the gifted "Golden Boy". If that happens boxing will become a mass of excitable confusion and Mosley could out slug De la Hoya again for the belt or De La Hoya will simply carry on his crusade of cleaning out boxing by stepping up into the ring against Calzaghe for the WBO Super Middleweight title...Just imagine that and the fun of it all.


Anyway, putting all that aside and what we have is an exciting and intriguing match up, that will have severe ramifications for both fighters and for the sport of boxing as a whole. Both guys are on a mission fighting for fame and Boxing Immortality.


Bottom line is that it will either remind us of a classic David beating  Goliath epic, or  we will be treated to the heartache of watching a bully gleefully beat an unlucky soul pushed forward as the ring leader of a mutiny against his authority.


Enough said - May the best man win.




I Still believe in Oscar!

By Robert McInnis


Even though Bernard Hopkins is favored to beat Oscar but for Oscar to walk into the ring he‘s already won the Gold. Oscar De La Hoya can win this  fight.  He will out maneuver, out point and be a step ahead of Hopkins.  I don’t think he can out power Hopkins blow for blow but he can compete with speed and foot work.  In Oscar's 40 fight career this is not the most defining fight of his life but it is the most threatening.  He’s had others Whitaker, Quartey, Trinidad, and Mosley that drew more caution because they were more evenly matched.  If Oscar remains consistent with the jab he should win the first 4 out of 6 rounds.  I expect Hopkins to get anxious in the later rounds 8 through 12 and lose by split decision because he underestimated Oscar's jab and left hook which will go to the body.  Oscar is still Golden after all the years.





by his 9th round TKO stoppage of now dethroned WBO Light Middle Weight Champion Antonio Margorito on cuts. To bad because we had Antonio on our wish list to fight Cory Spinks. Santos also signed a promotional deal with Warrior boxing promotions.




Cotto the real deal!

By David Gonzalez


Last Saturday we the boxing public were treated to a boxing match which had two young undefeated fighters, Miguel Cotto (20-0-16k) and his old nemesis Kelson Pinto (20-0-18k).  What made this such a rare treat was that we had a fighter (Miguel Cotto ) who lived up to the hype, which was thrust upon him by the the boxing public and overcame adversity.  Kelson Pinto had twice defeated Cotto in the amateurs and was seeking to derail Cotto's path to stardom and perhaps greatness. Unlike others who failed to overcome their past conquerers in the amateurs (Sugar Shane Mosley failure to defeat Vernon Forrest) Cotto not only rose to the occasion, but won in spectacular fashion! Cotto destroyed Pinto with three knockdowns to win the WBO Jr Welter weight tittle, his first world tittle. Cotto proved to the world and his critics that he is the real deal at 140 pounds.  With the ability to adapt to his opponents style and power in both hands especially in his left hand, as Pinto found out in the 6th round (a victim of a  devastating knockout!). Cotto now improves to a splendid record of 21-0 with 17 knockouts. Cotto is now on the path to becoming yet another great world champion hailing from Puerto Rico.




September Ringside Reports


By Michael Amakor








Sparring Partners should always remain sparring partners. While not an entertaining fight, Lamont appears to want to stay at the top of the division if only he can get past the loud mouthed James Toney.








Cory Spinks


For the 2nd Defense of his IBF/WBC/WBA titles.


We look forward to a truely unified undisputed Welterweight Champion when he fights WBO King Antonio Margarito








 Johnny Nelson


for Kayoing former IBO Cruiserweight Champion Ezra Sellers in dramatic fashion in the 2nd round to retain his NABF Cruiserweight Title and gain the number one ranked championship contender status for the IBF title.

Nelson is enroute to being the next undisputed Cruiserweight champions.





Mzukisi Sikali



Mzukisi Sikali


for making the 3rd defense of his IBO flyweight belt with a unanimous decision over former IBO junior flyweight champion Mhikiza Myekeni at Carnival City, near Brakpan, on Saturday night.


Please leave South Africa and bring your game to the United Stated against recently victorious Irene Pacheko, we will know who the real deal is after that showdown







By Michael Amakor

Boxing is anxiously looking forward to some exciting and competitive championship matchups this month, what makes the matchups intriguing is that the boxing landscape could be changed forever.

Anything can happen in boxing and we relish the opportunity to knock down any pretender to the thrown, upsets in boxing usually awaken a dormant division or slumbering champion back to the reality of boxing which requires total dedication and constant training to stay sharp.

Below are some of the coming fights and a brief analysis of the fighters involved;


On September 3 at the Seminole Hardrock Casino and Hotel in Hollywood, Florida Irene Pacheco defends against Vic Darchinyan. 

The next day at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Cory “Next Generation”Spinks, defends his  WBC/WBA/IBF WelterWeight kingdoms in a highly competitive duel against former WBC Lightweight Champion Miguel Angel who sports a decent record including going the distance with “The Golden boy Oscar dela Hoya. 

Cory successfully defended his title against Zab Judah and the odd makers have him as a favorite to win against Miguel, if he gets through this fight, the only path to true greatness and respect would be to seek a undisputed unification title bout against Antonio Margarito, who is the real champ in that division, perhaps Cory would like to prove us all wrong.

Same day newly crowned WBO heavyweight Champion Lamon “Relentless” Brewster defends his title against ex sparring partner and former IBF Pan Pacific Heavyweight, Australian and WBO Asia Pacific Heavyweight Champion Kali “Checkmate” Meehan in a supposedly safe match up that his management team feels will showcase his skills and prove that his win against Wladimir Klitchko was no fluke. That is all fine if he wins he better step up to the plate and defend against James Toney or Klitchko.


Same day in far away Germany, longtime WBO Cruiserweight champion Johnny Nelson against former European Community (EEC) Cruiserweight Titlist Rüdiger May in a match that could lead to an upset due to German politics ask a scarred Roy Jones who never went to there to fight some guy there, and a reminder of the sad fact that we do not yet have an undisputed champion in the division. However the winner of this bout might be first in line for a unification bout against the winner of the unification bout between Jean Mormeck and Wayne Braithwaite.
On September 11 at the Kisstadion in Budapest, Hungary Zsolt Erdei defends his WBO Light HeavyWeight Crown against, former WBO Latino Light Heavyweight Titlist Alejandro Lakatus, this bout looks competitive as both have fought for a world titles before however a win by either guy does little to help themselves or the division and the are virtually unknown outside Europe.


To be continued



Yamplier Azcuy

who bludgeoned Former WBC Cruiserweight Champ and previously unbeaten WBC number 2 rated Heavyweight contender Juan Carlos Gomez in the very first round.

Apparently nobody beats Don King in court and wins in the ring ask Tyson and Buster Douglas. Mr Gomez you are free now, Please Don't blame the King, just buckle up or head back down to the Cruiserweights.

(See "Cruiserweight Explosion article" below)

Somebody Please Give Yamplier Azcuy a title shot



Big Daddy Returns

By Michael Amakor

Showing unprecendented courage and love for the sweat science Former Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World Riddick "Big Daddy" Bowe obtained a boxing license from the Virgin Islands and is anticipating a return to the ring in a few months. At his prime he was your consumate warrior, fluid, fast and amiable like Ali, but that was until he ran into Andrew "Foul Pole" Golota and he suddenly became shot. Call his return foolhardy, but sometimes a fighter needs a break to clear his head and nourish his body back to health especially after heavy handed trench exchanges with the still determined "Real Deal", insiders also claim he saved most of his ring earnings and is not broke, perhaps he is guided by a need to redeem himself or angered by the "Foul Pole" earning a title shot against Ruiz, or better still maybe he reckons if the "Foul Pole" wins the title he can seize the crown in a third rubber match knowing Golota would quickly aim below his beltline, anyway only time will tell after he answers our curiosities in the squared ring. My advice is for him to box very cautiously from the far outer fringes of the heavyweight world and slowly work his way into a title shot, otherwise he will be sent right back to a hospital ward via a vicious uppercut from an angry young blood looking to make a name for himself.


Freitas still a Great warrior and fighter ; Despite Loss!

By Robert McInnis

Acelino is still a great warrior and fighter, despite the loss he is my favorite to win a title at any weight between 130/135.There is not an ounce of cowardice in him, he was let down on that Saturday night by his corner led by Oscar Suarez who gave him bad instructions. They should never have told him to box from they outside the whole fight. They should have known that Diego Corralles has long arms and can power connect once he gets any room from the outside. We all know both fighters have power but I had expected Corralles to cut off the ring and end the fight too, but he did not. Freitas corner was more disconcerted than he was after going down. If Freitas had used his power and stayed close fighting on the inside he would have bade Corralles "Good night".












Freitas the Fraud!

By David Gonzalez

For those who watched the Corrales vs Freitas fight this past Saturday boxing's biggest fraud was exposed!!! Acelino Freitas was the fraud who was exposed. How could a man who held a 35-0 record with 31 knockouts get up and quit!? How could a man with such a large following and with his wife there quit!!! The man was not really hurt, nor was he bleeding, and yet he walked away!! The answer is simple, Freitas is a coward with no heart. He is the type of fighter that loves to hit opponents, but can not stand to be hit in return. Corrales on the other hand showed a lot of heart and determination as he stayed the course, and did not allow Freitas to throw him off his game plan. In my estimation had Freitas simply held on to Corrales and worked his apponents body (after the first knock down), he would have won due to his lead on the score card. Freitas must now question his desire to remain in a sport where having some heart is crucial to success! If I were him, I would simply call it quits as I do not see how he can over come this disgrace!
















WBO NABO AND WBC Continental Americas Heavyweight Champion






WBU International Heavyweight Champion

Danny Williams


The Tyson Debacle!

By David Gonzalez

This past weekend we witnessed what may be the ending of a once promising career, the career of Mike Tyson. Watching Mike vs Williams was a troubling experience, because i felt that Tyson fought a good fight until he was stopped in the fourth. Tyson utilized lateral movement, threw a few combinations and he even threw a few jabs. He looked determined and focused for the first three rounds, and looked like he was going to knock out Williams. As we all know Tyson was stopped in the fourth. Was it a lack of stamina? Was it the knee that we now know was torn in the first? Or was it a combination of both? I believe that Tyson came in a little heavy (around 240 or so) and was tired going into the fourth, but the knee did play a part in the fight as his mobility was hindered. Tyson threw some good shots, but fighters that can with stand Tyson's onslaught tend to win their fights as Williams did. Williams showed that Tyson was merely mortal and that perhaps Tyson was finished as a fighter. The boxing fan in me hopes like many others that Tyson can come back, and provide us with a few more exciting moments, but perhaps it is just wishful thinking. Tyson is broke financially, emotionally and his body is now racked with stitches and pain. Can he prove the world wrong? Only time will tell and I for one am hoping that he rises to the top for one more time as the heavy weight division is nothing short of a joke.



Gatti vs Dorin 007     Gatti vs Dorin

By David Gonzalez

For those who witnessed the Gatti vs Dorin fight a couple of weeks ago, we were treated to a Gatti master piece. Gatti under the tutelage of Buddy Mcgirt has evolved into an even more exciting warrior, who now show cases his boxing abilities. Gatti not only possess great determination, but boxing skills as well. Although the fight was a mere two rounds, we were treated to two rounds of good boxing. Gatti utilized the jab, displayed good foot work and of course good body work in order to dispatch the "Lion Dorin"!. Many fans were somewhat disappointed as they expected a war similar to the Gatti/Ward wars, but the fight showed the world that Gatti could also box an opponent. What does boxing hold for the worlds most exciting fighter? Perhaps a match with Spadafora (who battled Dorin to a draw) or does Gatti fight Floyd Mayweather which would generate millions, and stands a chance to become the fight of the year. My hope is that he fights Spadafora and then meets Mayweather early next year for the welter weight show down!



By Michael Amakor from Ringside


This boxing event was scheduled to start at about 6pm. The gates remained unopened at 6.30pm, by which time a long queue of people like an army of ants ringed the entrance of the Bowie Baysox arena spilling out into the parking lot.

One highlight was the unheralded entrance of a determined looking Nikki Eplion, a few curious onlookers shouted her name and she raised a clinched fist and disappeared with her 3 man entourage into the arena through the media entrance. One of them carried a belt – which belt I asked, the IBA Super Middleweight title someone told me.

The gate finally opened at about 7pm, no sooner had the fans taken their seats before another aggravation. It began to rain at first lightly until it could not be ignored and the fans ran for cover grabbing food and beer until about 10.30pm.

And then the festivities began straight to the main event, the delay seemed to have incensed an intense Laila into chasing Nikki at the opening bell. But Nikki came to fight and the exchanged wildly sometimes with Nikki getting the most of it, but then the savvier Laila began maneuvering Nikki into the corner for a flurry of combinations and a dazed Kermia had to be saved by the bell in the next couple of rounds.

Nikki’s corner feverishly tried to invigorate her but it was useless. Ali put her down on the canvas repeatedly as the spectators roared Ali Ali Ali, after several such episodes and after the third knockdown in the 4th round the judge had seen enough and halted the bout for Laila Ali.

The arena emptied after that, those who remained saw Mark “Too Sharp” Johnson, put up an entertaining display against a motivated Paulino Villalobos for 12 round of fast paced action.

The bout was highlighted by Johnson’s accurate combinations and weaving under punches as a highly animated Paulino Villalobos tried to catch him occasionally connecting hard and beckoning for “Too Sharp” to come forward and fight.

His machismo failed to impress the judges who scored it for Johnson, but you could not tell by Paulino Villalobos demeanor as he carried himself out of the ring like the winner attired in his Mexican bull fighter green garb. Better luck next time.

Middleweight Henry “Sugar Pooh” invigorated by his home crowd and chants of Pooh forced Keith Lawrence’s corner to throw in the towel late in the 1st round.

Perhaps a future prospect. We shall see.

Boxing Celebreties at the event featured a bald dommed Antonio Tarver, a tall Winky Wright and a currently beltless Keith Holmes.



By Michael Amakor

Wayne Braithwaite (Guyana)

The division that once featured the likes of Evander Holyfield, David Oawi, Orlin Norris, James Toney, Vassily Jirov, Virgil Hill, has been lackluster for the past couple of years, which is putting it mildly. None of the champions, except Holyfield has had the star personality to draw fans towards the division.

The insignificance of the division has repeatedly been exposed by the likes of Light Heavyweights Roy Jones and Michael Moorer respectively, who bypassed the division upwards to fight as heavyweights, with the former Jones beating John Ruiz for the heavyweight title, and Moorer sustaining a campaign that eventually led to his capturing the title a few years later. Now there is talk of Tarver fighting Tyson instead of challenging one of the current cruiserweight champions.

In other cases star fighters like James Toney and veterans like Juan Carlos Gomes have cited financial reasons and lack of depth in the division for relinquishing their titles to begin a long, ill advised and so far fruitless search for more money and a heavyweight title, just ask Orlin Norris, Al Cole, and Imamu Mayfield.

But things look about to change, the alphabet organizations recently increased their weight limits to 200 pounds, this move if enacted sooner may have saved the legacy of Jones, who may still have remained undefeated if he had not jumped all the way to a muscled 193 pounds heavyweight champion and then back down to to a weak and shockingly disconpopulated 175 ghost who lost to Tarver.

On the heels of that decision is the coming unification bout between Jean-Marc Mormeck and Wayne “Big Truck Braithwaite in Madison Square Gardens on Oct 2. Not since the days of the "Real Deal" have we had such an event in the division. Too bad both guys lack name recognition or star power, because they can Fight. Don’t believe any press clippings to the contrary.

Braithwaite is an angry and brutal puncher who breaks his knuckles looking for the KO, if you watched his latest fights against Azile and Ravea Springs you will believe, even Toney, Jones and Jirov view him as a risky gambit and have refused to match their guts against his, he remains undefeated. Mormeck is an unknown variety but got through Virgil Hill twice and is ranked Number 1 at cruiserweights according to Boxrec.

Hopefully, the winner will seek to unification bout against vetted and tested WBO champion O'Neil “Give 'em Hell” Bell, and newly crowned IBF champion Kelvin “Concrete” Davis, so that we can once again have an undisputed Cruiserweight Champion.

This future unified champion will be the legitimate and should be the mandatory challenger to any of the current passive champions today.

For the sake of the sweat science, the division and themselves I hope the don’t sell out the division by chasing the ghost of the heavyweight title to soon.



By David Gonzalez

The Roy Jones debacle is a unique situation. There has rarely been a time where a so called great boxer is clearly exposed in the squared circle. The Tarver-Jones rematch was supposed to be a defining moment in Roy Jones career, instead the pound per pound king myth was crushed with one blow! What does that say about the current state of boxing? clearly there is a crisis in a sport which once had true warriors such as Trinidad, Caesar Chavez, Pernell Whitaker, a young Holy field and a raging Mike Tyson to name a few. Today we simply have propped up fighters and pretenders to the throne. If Roy Jones is to be the fighter that he is or was once totted as being, he needs to rise to the occasion and challenge Tarver to a rubber match, anything else would tarnish his legacy. It is painfully clear to us the boxing fans and analyst that Roy could not fight a true heavy weight such as Mike Tyson or Vitali Klitchko at this stage of his career. Bottom line is that both Roy Jones and Tarver need another fight simply because there are little to no challenges out there. Only time will tell if Roy Jones will rise up to face the biggest crisis of his fighting career, as Tarver has stated that he would be willing to meet the former boxing king in a rubber match. The fighting fans demand yet another match, it will be interesting to see what unfolds and what Roy Jones is truly made off.



By Michael Amakor

Boxing fanatics and diehards, Welcome to our summary of the state of boxing for 2004. It will be a year of shocking upsets and the crowning of new champions.

Boxing is a brutal and dynamic sport that has a way of seperating the men from the boys, by knocking out the irresolute and misguided into the dustbin of boxing history, and before we name the new champions and victims we must point a punch forward for the sweet science.

Our studies indicate that the rash of bad decisions in 2004 took away some of the popularity and credibility of the sport. The current system of scoring is flawed as evidenced by outrageous decisions like the Oquendo vs. Byrd or the Shane vs De la Hoya 2 decision versus HBO fight statistics.

Boxers today also seem to be gravitating towards opens displays of brotherly affection like hugging and shadow boxing in a make belief wrestle mania 1000 movie.. don't hit and don't get hit.

To solve this problem Fightkings advocates for the return of the 15 round point system, the 12 round system gravitates boxers towards laziness and being less conditioned than they otherwise would have been for a fight. For instance if the the Oscar versus Trinidad/Mosley wars or the Jones vs Tarver fight of attrition had simply gone on for 3 more rounds, we might have had a decisive victory by either fighter or we would have been treated to the spectacle of one boxer extracting total capitulation from his opponent who would either quit or get knocked out.

To expand on this subject of making boxing more brutal, Fightkings also advocates the return to bare knuckle fighting and no nourishment between rounds....and......wait did I hear a wail of protests and quivering.......What a sorry bunch of pretenders to the original late great boxers like Jack Johnson.

Secondly, the current crop of boxers today lack a true pugilistic vision of being king of the heap. Boxers simply fight for money and champions skip fighting legitimate challengers even at the risk of losing their Championship belt.

There is an often quoted saying in boxing that "Belts do not make a champion, a champion makes the belt" this misused phrase has however rubbed us of great fights like Bowe vs. Lewis, Hopkins vs. Trinidad/Calzaghe. Toney vs Braithwaite... to mention a few.

On the bright side the trend started by Mike Tyson in first unifying the title belts is waxing stronger. This growing mentality in boxing is slowly and steadily clearing up the deck of champion pretenders and contenders.

To be continued


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