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I LOVE BOXING and have been intrigued with the sport since the age of 18 when I took my first boxing class. I learned simple drills, how to wrap my hands and hit the bag(s). Even though I love boxing I did not take it seriously until I met and trained with professional boxer Jose Angel Ortiz who currently resides in South Carolina.

He pushed me to a new level of training, sparring and drills. I even overcame the intimidation of an all male gym especially since this is a male sport. Ok so I didnít rough anyone up but I think I could have taken a few of the new comers. Recently I've met a lot of wonderful people in the sport of boxing whether it be ringside, in the gym or out and about. I even had my picture taken with Don King.

One individual in particular I met along the way would have to be JacBoxer. He has introduced me to different aspects of writing, interviewing and all around media coverage. I also appeared on the Jacboxer TV Show. I'm excited to see what God has in store for me next.


CELEBRITY BOXING Ė NON SANCTION VS. SANCTION FIGHTS: Q. Good Morning JacBoxer! You accompanied me to the Celebrity Bo 

Interview with Joseph Rabbotte: I had the opportunity to speak with Joseph Rabbotte (8-14-1) about his upcoming fight at Foxwoods Resort and Casino,